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7 Best Instagram Strategies For Real Estate Agents in 2020 • Social Bootcamp • Gogo Bethke

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Welcome to our BRAND-NEW monthly feature, Social Bootcamp With Gogo Bethke!

Gogo Bethke is the author of Gogo’s Bootcamp, the #1 real estate social media training program in the industry. She came to the U.S. with no money, no sphere of influence and no experience. Within a few years Gogo became a top 1% producer through her social media strategies. She’ll be on the show each month teaching you how to drive more business through social media. Today’s topic – what realtors ® should be doing in 2020 to increase their Instagram effectiveness.

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DISCLAIMER: Gogo’s 30-day moneyback guarantee is no longer available.

Gogo Bethke can be reached at gogosrealestate@gmail.com and at her Instagram account.

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Hello, and welcome to keeping it real the largest podcast in the country made by real estate agents for real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris, I am your guide, and host through the show and we’re just about ready to have gogo from gogos bootcamp.com. Come on and talk about social media and what Realtors need to be doing in 2020 to up their social media game. Before we get to go go, I’m asking everyone for a huge favor. Could you think of just one realtor, one real estate agent that you know that could benefit from listening to top 1% producers? Right? Of course you can we all know at least one who’s eager to learn but maybe doesn’t exactly know how to get those tips and strategies from the very best producers. Well, this is what this podcast is all about. If you’re listening you already know that but a lot of brokers don’t yet know about the show. So if everyone goes out there and just tells one other person that will double our listenership we’ll be able to do more episodes. Just this month alone, we have 12 episodes booked and scheduled and ready. So this is our year 2020 to literally double the number of episodes we’re going to provide. So we’re asking you to help us double our audience. So just think of one broker one realtor that could use this kind of information, pass it along, we’d greatly appreciate it. Also, if you’re a sponsor or you have a product or service that Realtors need to know about we are taking sponsorships. So reach out to us visit keeping it real pod.com and you can send us a message and our sponsorship team will get back in touch with you. Also, we have a new casting director Her name is Ana She’s amazing. So if you know another broker anywhere in the country, that would be a great fit for our show. Send her a note you can do that also through our website where you can of course listen to every episode we’ve already ever done. And also follow us on Facebook visit facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod and every single day we send an article that we found online that is designed to help you grow your business okay guys, that’s enough for me let’s get on to our episode with Gogo.

Okay, today on the show, we have to go go back keep GO GO came to the United States in 2003. To build her American dream she was broke, had no sphere of influence, no experience, barely spoke English and with only $6 to her name. So that left her with nothing else but Facebook to grow her business. And that’s where she started, she created gogos real estate and her real estate career began with the power of social media gogo has sold over 45 million in residential real estate transactions. She shares the good, the bad and the ugly side of real estate and her honest snippets into her everyday life have earned her 10s of 1000s of followers on social media and in the real estate community and she earned the nickname the social media queen. Now after being asked to present at various realtor events. She has built a social media bootcamp called Go Go’s Bootcamp for realtors, you can find that Go Go’s bootcamp.com Today she has a team of 130 agents by the way. Last time we did this she had a team of 106 So that’s how quickly she is growing and she’s growing nation wide. Her goal is to help as many agents as possible make a name for themselves in real estate on social media. If she can do it, this girl from Transylvania Romania with no US education, no sphere of influence, no money, no experience and an accent then you can definitely do it to follow go go on Instagram at gogos that’s Gee Oh gee, OH S Go Go’s real estate. And we’ll post links to that as well. Anyway, welcome to the show again. Go go.

Gogo Bethke 4:49
Well, thank you for having me. I love it. It’s exciting.

D.J. Paris 4:52
We’re super excited to have you Thanks. Your your last episode was one of our I think it was our third most listen to episode ever, which is super big for us. And we’re so excited you’re back with us. So what do you want to talk about today? Oh, hold on before it before I’m interrupt you. I apologize before we have to talk about your new programs you just updated Go Go’s bootcamp.

Gogo Bethke 5:18
Yeah. So we updated go was boot camp for a couple reasons. A because I, even though I do everything organically, so I don’t run ads. And I will tell you, when I do run ads, it’s a little bit different. I run ads for events. Sometimes most of my events fill up organically. But if they don’t, then we run a couple events to fill up the seats. And then I also run ads for Google Ads bootcamp. But other than that, I don’t run ads. So everything is that I do is organic. But some agents through experience after buying the original goggles, boot camp, they want to throw some money at it, they want to throw 10 bucks a day and run an ad and how should they do that? So my digital marketer, Sammy has a class for that. It’s called finance digital media. And he is that’s what he teaches, he teaches how to build that brand, and how to lead generate and how to get eyeballs and everything that you’re posting, with the power of Facebook and Instagram and running ads in stories and in your feed and things like that. So that got added to the boot camp for pretty much the same price that we were running for my birthday. And I think the the birthday special is still up. So you get that then on top of it. We added a private Facebook group only for boot camp members. So everybody that purchased at any point, I mean, I used to have my bootcamp at $49. So back in the day, when I was slowly building it for everybody who trusted me at that time and purchased that they get access now to everything that I came out with ever since. And so also when they purchase it, now they get access to the to the Facebook group. And once a month, we are going to do live training where myself and Sandy, my digital marketer will set in and we’ll have a different subject. And we’ll start from the basics. So the very first training is the 27th of this month, I think it’s at one o’clock in the afternoon, Eastern Time. And then everybody comes on live. And then we start from the ground up where I literally walk you through how to build up your profiles, and what to do what not to do. And then everyone just we add on and on and on until you have everything that I have. And that’s going to be a 12 month series.

D.J. Paris 7:19
Awesome. Well, everyone should check that out. You also just go to Go Go’s boot camp.com. And she has a wonderful website and explains in great detail, and there’s a money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose, right? If it makes sense, you’re going to stay with it. And it will make sense because it makes sense for the 1000s of people that are already members. And you know, on our show, I do not promote things lightly. I almost never promote anything. And this is about the best thing I’ve seen out there, especially in the realm of social media. So definitely check it out Go Go’s boot camp.com. So what are we going to talk about today is it’s now 2020.

Gogo Bethke 7:58
Yeah, so that’s exactly what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about what’s new in 2020, when it comes to social media, what works or maybe that work last year, it doesn’t work anymore. And so you kind of just like anything else, any systems and, and processes that you may be using. And you might have been successful with that in the past, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to work in 2020. So figured let’s go through some of the changes that the algorithm changes and things like that, that Facebook and Instagram has implemented so that you can adjust with the time so you can have just as successful if not more successful, you’re in 2020 that you did before. Great. How’s that sound? Sounds good. Okay. So if you don’t mind, I’m just kind of going through my notes and just kind of blurring out the ideas that are the notes that I took here. So giveaways are very, very, very important. From now on. Instagram, especially and Facebook, if you look at my Facebook, it’s only I think 3000 followers, it’s really hard to grow a Facebook page, because Facebook only allows 2% of your followers, the already followers to actually see your post.

D.J. Paris 9:00
Right. And this is important. Let’s I want to say this again. So if you have a group or a page, specific to your business, or even just your friends, the people that follow you or who like your page only on average, two, or maybe 3% of your lucky of those people who follow you are actually going to

Gogo Bethke 9:18
see that button and they said I’m interested in and I want to see what God was going to post from now on. Even though they showed interest, Facebook only going to show it to 2%. So if you’re 100 people, two of them are going to see it, it’s going to show up in their feed. So the reason why they do that is because when you turn it into a page, the reason why they allow you to reach people that you can’t organically and unnatural on your organic page is because they want you to advertise, they want you to throw money at it. So yeah, you have the ability to reach strangers and get their eyeballs but I want you to pay for it kind of scenario. So it’s kind of hard to grow it organically. But the one way that you can and it’s very very effective and you can get hundreds of followers well granted depending where you’re at as giveaway As and our business as realtors, we have local businesses. So I don’t sell in Chicago even though I can through my team, but I won’t do that. So if I’m trying to generate local leads, you want local followers for that. So the very the one of the very best ways of doing so is to collaborate with local businesses and then do giveaways. So for example, let’s say you call it a giveaway, Tuesdays, whatever.

D.J. Paris 10:23
I love this, by the way, this idea alone has never ever been brought up by anyone I’ve ever interviewed. So I’m really excited about this.

Gogo Bethke 10:31
Okay, so let’s do this. So you can do like giveaway Tuesday. So just tried to say with any, just like everything else, if you cold call her and you consistent with and you cold call every day from eight to noon, then when you decide to do a giveaway, you’re going to be consistent with it. And you’re going to call it giveaway Tuesdays and you’re going to do it every single Tuesday. So then every week, you go and pick a business that’s local to you that you go in and you say, Hey, I’m gonna go, I’m a local realtor, I built my business on social media, I’m trying to build yours and mine at the same time try to generate local sales for myself. And with that local sales for you, is there anything in your business that you can give away, then it’s not costing you a trillion dollars, but it will generate traffic to you. And with that giveaway will generate traffic to me?

D.J. Paris 11:12
Why that’s brilliant it because you know, these local businesses, here’s what they’re always getting these phone calls, if you have a small, if you have a local business, you’re getting phone calls from billboard, advertisers, newspapers, radio, which all of which want your money. And now you’re offering them as a realtor, hey, for you know, if you can, apart with some something, I can promote your business for you.

Gogo Bethke 11:34
Yes. And then also you get their followers. So the way you do that is that you may take a picture of the item that you’re giving away, I do recommend though, instead of being just the item, you should be in the photo, maybe even the owner of the other business, the local business, you guys should be in the photo holding the thing that you’re going to give away, then you’re going to say, then you’re going to name the terms of the giveaway, you always want whoever is participating in the giveaway to follow both of your businesses, you’re doing this for the traffic, you don’t just want to give them something, you give them something for the future eyeballs, because as long as you can stay in some of them, that’s your free advertising for the future. And they always be reminded that you’re a realtor, and they always going to see your posts. And if and when down the road. They need a realtor, they wouldn’t be able to think of anybody else but you because they see you all the time. Plus, you already gave them something. And people feel like I got something from you. I have to I owe you now. Right. So the law of reciprocity. Yeah. So they’re going to choose you over another realtor because they already feel like you gave them something already. So with the giveaways, there’s a few terms that you always want to make sure that you plug into that giveaway. So first of all being the photos. Second of all, when you say these are the terms of and you’re going to put the date on which it ends. So you’re gonna say if you’re doing it every Tuesday, then you might say, Okay, you make your posts on Tuesdays, and then they have to follow to the terms and then you will pick the winner on Sundays. And then you do another one on Tuesday, pick the winner on Sunday and another one on Tuesday, pick the winner on Sunday. So you say they must follow you and the other business. So that right there grows your audience. And yeah, then they can. The other thing is they can tag three friends to entering this giveaway tag three local friends. So now you just not only gain their following, but you get gain three of their friends following, right. And then when you choose the winner, you’re gonna go through their profile, and there’s two buttons, there’s one following and followers, you’re going to make sure that they’re actually following you, then you’re going to look up the other business, make sure they’re following them. And then you’re going to go to the notes, make sure they tag three friends they did they qualify, that’s the winner.

D.J. Paris 13:35
Love it, for what type what type of businesses you think are good prospects for realtors out there thinking to implement this.

Gogo Bethke 13:43
I mean, really anyone from a dog walker, to a restaurant to a yoga studio to a doctor’s office. I mean, as long as it’s local, because you’re going for that local market. Now I usually do giveaways like I just gave a book away. And I was talking about on Sunday how you know, I love reading and when I was younger, I actually paid other kids to read a book and tell me what it was about because I I hated studying. I was so clever of cheating my way through college and all that, you know, you get older, you learn that I cheated myself. Now the professors. Sure now I was talking about reading the book. And I pretty much said I named the terms of the thing. And I said, everybody who follows me name three friends, whoever is going to be the winner yet to pick and I have my Amazon store. So I told the winner just go to my Amazon store, pick a book that you haven’t read yet. I’ll personally mail it to you. So if you’re doing something like that, that’s more of a nationwide audience. But I wasn’t going for that Local Lead Generation purpose. So just depending on what your purpose is, with that when you go nationwide, yeah, you can get referrals. That’s not out of the window. Like that’s a 25% of a commission. Sure. You do it nationwide as well. But I’m just saying stay true to your what you’re trying to achieve.

D.J. Paris 14:57
Right. So you want to just immerse yourself in your community and this is another way of number one helping a small business, and also working together to cross promote each other.

Gogo Bethke 15:06
Yeah, and also video works best. So if you feel really good about this, then you can take this one step further and create a quick one minute video, if you’re going to put it in your feed, or if you’re willing to take it longer and do an IG TV style video, which is a vertical style video, you’re going to shoot a video, let’s say with the owner of the business as constructions. When did you open this business? What are you guys famous for? Is there a dish that is just so good, and you may you know, you got the whatever five stores local restaurant or like anything about them that it gives them knowledge about the local business, and also in the same time makes you that local expert, and that local brand where everybody knows now. And so then you do don’t give away via video.

D.J. Paris 15:46
And I want everyone listening to realize that nobody starts out with hundreds of 1000s of followers, we all start out with essentially, our friends who follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But it all takes time I interviewed these guys, I was talking to go go about yesterday who are YouTube guys, and they go, but they make videos about Portland. They’re hyper local to Portland. And they said, you know, for six months, we just never looked at our view count because we knew it was going to be like two views a day. So don’t worry if that’s where you’re at. If you have few friends, if you’ve always go to Go Go’s bootcamp, we’ll teach you how to obviously increase that over time. But this is a marathon guys,

Gogo Bethke 16:26
just those two, the way I look at it in real estate, everybody needs a roof above their head. Yes, if you saw it, and one of them buys a house, we’re talking 1000s of dollars in commissions

D.J. Paris 16:37
huge. Yeah, and guys, and even if you only get one entry, right, that’s still one person who cared enough to get excited about your promotion and now is tagged three additional people, so don’t worry.

Gogo Bethke 16:50
So when they want and you you pick the winner, and they receive the final item you personally may have delivered it or you may, however you got it to, you always ask them to take a photo with that item and tag you or send it to you. It’s even better when they tag you. So they take the item posted on their wall, when they tag you, the system notifies you and then you can share it. So now it shows to the rest of the world that may have questions. I’m like, Oh, are you really gonna give them away is someone who’s gonna win when they see that they did win. And they tagged you now when they tagged you, you got all of their friends eyeballs. And then when they tagged you, then you generated their friends over to your so it’s like a cross promotion? I guess because it made you locally jet that whatever you said you will do you follow through and you actually did it.

D.J. Paris 17:35
Yeah. And we I want to talk to because I live in a big metropolitan city. I’m in Chicago, you are in the exact opposite of of where we are. Because a lot of it look, it would if our roles were reversed. And you were in Chicago and you had 1000s and 1000s of followers. Somebody who’s listening might say, well, of course she’s in Chicago, everybody you know she has this huge market, but you are not in Chicago, you are in a very small town.

Gogo Bethke 18:01
You can find it on the map. It’s very small. Yeah. So it’s called Pinckney, Michigan, very tiny little community. I mean, I moved from a high rise in the city in Europe. So when I moved here, and everybody has an acre and we live off of a dirt road, and the closest neighbor is like, hi, your name. It’s like I was so weirded out, there was one grocery store one gas station. It was just not what I was used to now after being a mom of two and the boys being able to just run around outside and shoot their BB guns in the backyard. I learned to love it. But yeah, it’s not that metropolitan area. We don’t have 1000s and 1000s. You know, the real estate opportunities, I guess.

D.J. Paris 18:43
Yeah. So I guess the point I’m making listeners is don’t worry about what your follower count is today, where you live, what you perceive as maybe I’m in a more rural area go Go is in the most rural area, and she has built up this huge following. And you she wants to teach you of course how to do that as well. But yeah, what a great idea. So go to local businesses say I would love to promote you. Also, you know, let them know like, hey, this helps my business too. But more importantly, I really want to help you guys, this real estate’s a hyperlocal business and we should support each other.

Gogo Bethke 19:15
And then another tip, if you like postcards, which I used to do them, but I think they work just like clockwork, this is not a social media tip. But this is a good tip. You can take you can go to the local restaurant, ask them if they can give you a coupon for something. So they may say a free appetizer with an order of entry, or they may say to drinks with an order of an entry or whatever they can give you restaurant can always give you something. Now you’re going to go into your database, you’re going to get all of your mailing addresses you’re going to design it design is beautiful postcard that you are on the front and you talk about your business and the back you print the coupon. Yes, so they have a reason to hold on to because otherwise your postcard just go straight into the trash.

D.J. Paris 19:53
And I haven’t even a thing to tack on to that. So this is a great idea. So let’s let’s recap what gogo just said. So in addition to doing these giveaways, right, when you’re talking to the owner, say, Hey, by the way, I’m thinking about doing a postcard mailer, you know, to help to try to drum up business for me, and I thought maybe we could do it together, ask them if they’re willing to give you a, you know, some sort of discount coupon that you could promote via mailers, postcards. And then if you’re like, Well, I don’t have the money to do that, right? Obviously, maybe the, the restaurant or salon might be willing to co sponsor that. But let’s say they’re not and you don’t have enough money. This is where partnerships come in. So if you have a lender, if you have an attorney, a title company, these are all ancillary partners to your business, which you probably have and say, hey, I want to co sponsor this, can you guys help cover the cost? Right? A lot of these institutions, lenders, attorneys, etc, will do this for you and cover the bill.

Gogo Bethke 20:48
Yeah, I know in Michigan, and I’m not sure if every state is different. There are regulations of the size of every if you are searching size in the lender has to be searched in size in order to split it halfway. But yes, that’s saving you cost.

D.J. Paris 21:02
Yeah, it’s huge. So yeah, guys, that’s what’s known as make sure it’s No, there’s not a RESPA violation. But the the like if you’re working with a lender, in there a reputable lender, they’ll make sure but yeah, definitely just a way to co sponsor and keep your costs down. But well, what an awesome idea. So you just gave two really strong ideas about how to work hyperlocal with businesses?

Gogo Bethke 21:21
Oh, good, good. Well, that’s the goal. The goal is for all of us to make money, you know, I mean, and helping one another making when you’re supporting a local business, and they’re supporting you, everybody wins, we all feed our children.

D.J. Paris 21:32
Exactly. So what else is going on in social media for 20?

Gogo Bethke 21:37
Engagement. So as we talked about the 2%, that Facebook is going to allow them to see your post engagement is very important how many followers you have in the new algorithm, it doesn’t matter, you can just use that you can have two followers. But if those two give you the time of the day, and they watch every video that you posted, and yada yada, that’s what Facebook and Instagram cares about. They care about how much of their attention are you able to capture? How many people take the time to comment? How many people take the time to like how many of them they will DM you 101 will skip the video when you post it, how many remember, watch it all the way through. So what you want what it’s called now, engagement, you don’t want necessarily just the likes and stuff you want them to engage to give you the time of the day. In order to do that. You want to share fun stuff, you want to ask them questions, because when you ask them questions, they have to do what respond. When you find that’s considered engagement. Yes, when you do these giveaways and things like that, and they have to comment and tag people. That’s that’s all engagement. And that’s the reason why you’re doing it is so you to mass natural to mass organically with the algorithm, so you don’t have to pay for ads to get likes and followers.

D.J. Paris 22:45
Yeah, so So guys, this is really, really important. So think about it from the social medias company’s perspective, what they really are trying to serve up to the people who visit their sites, is to make sure they’re giving the best possible content the way they judge. Now they can’t watch every video, they can’t read every post, obviously, they don’t do that. Well, all they can go on is how engaged the audience is with that content. So what that means is, you know, like if gogo said getting people to share it, getting people to comment, getting people to tag their friends in it that shows the social media providers that wow, this is a high quality post look at how much engagement there is. Google curious about this? Because I’ve heard about this in the past. And I don’t know how effective these are. It’s a little bit of a gray area. So I want to get your opinion on it. I don’t have an opinion myself. What about creating groups that are engagement groups? So you’re commenting? I

Gogo Bethke 23:43
would say that because you see that next thing I was about to talk? Oh my

D.J. Paris 23:47
gosh, that’s so that by the way, guys, we did not set that up at all. That is so she’s literally pointing at the word engagement groups.

Gogo Bethke 23:53
And we are on two groups.

D.J. Paris 23:56
i Great minds think alike, I guess. Actually.

Gogo Bethke 24:00
That’s the exact order. I wrote them down. I mean, that’s funny.

D.J. Paris 24:03
So let’s, let’s it’s funny, because I first heard about this about 10 years ago with Facebook. And because I had a blog, I had a very successful blog outside of real estate as a humor blog. And we used to do this, but I kind of forgot about it until just now. So let’s talk about it.

Gogo Bethke 24:17
Yeah, so Instagram does limit you though, to how many people you can have in the group. I think it’s 35 or 25, or something like that. So if you have more people like that, like in my team now what we call team Gaga, there’s 130 of us. So we have multiple groups. So we call it tingle the one to go to Tim go go three thing to go for as people joining your groups, you just add them on and then you create a new one and you automatically add a new one. So then you have multiple groups. So what I do, and we are recording this, so I don’t know if you ever going to post it or not. But I can show you when you go to your posts. So open up your last post on Instagram, and then you’re going to see that little triangle right there. You see that whatever that’s called, like a paper, arrow or whatever it is. Yeah, you’ll click that and it’s going to ask you where do You want to send it and you see my team? So it says yes. So you just send it into the group very quickly, just so it’s more like a reminder for them for like, oh, Google posted something. So then that everybody from that group can come over, take the time to like and comment. But the point of the group is you have to play fair. You can everyone, everyone can expect them to comment 10 posts on yours, but then you’re not going to return the favor, because you’re gonna get.

D.J. Paris 25:25
So guys, right, let’s go, let’s, let’s dial this really get specific here. So here’s what you’re going to do. If you’re a realtor, you’re going to reach out to other realtors who are active on Instagram, you’re gonna say, hey, we know that engagement is everything and Instagram cares how many likes, but an additional likes, they want to see comments, they want to see tags, they want, you know, shares, why don’t we support each other? And each time we both posts, we’re going to share comment and like and you can get a whole network of people to do this.

Gogo Bethke 25:57
Yes. So you do it to mess with the algorithm? Pretty much.

D.J. Paris 26:01
Yeah, this is this is a way this is a way to to show Instagram or Facebook or whatever, that people are engaged with your content. And it guys, it is perfectly okay to do this. This is a great, great idea. Yeah.

Gogo Bethke 26:14
Okay. Next one, tag location, always. So our business is a local business. Yes, in order to generate eyeballs from that location from people that may not know of your existence, you always have to tag the location. So in your post, when you make a post, you look above the post that shows your location. That’s because you tag the location just before posting it is allows you to do a couple of things. So you plug in the photo, then you can write the blah, blah, blah, then you can tag a person or you can tag your location, those and you can then share it to Facebook, those steps are all built in to your Instagram posts, you want to make sure to do all of them. And always, always, always take location. What that does, though, puts your post on a map. So if I go, let’s say you’re in Chicago, if I’m in Chicago, and I’m bored, I don’t know what to do in Chicago. Today, I’m going to go on Instagram, put in location, put it in Chicago as a location and see what’s going on everybody that tag Chicago, I see who’s who’s eating, where if there’s an event going on things like that. That’s the reason why you tag your location, because you want those people from that location to get eyeballs on your post, even who might not be you know, they could care less about your open house this weekend, or the newest listing or whatever you take the location for. But by clicking that they get to see your storefront what I call your actual profile advertising to them, they’re going to follow and that’s all you want. You just want them to follow. So if and when they’re ready down on the road, they’ll call you.

D.J. Paris 27:42
Quick question. This is cool. I’m curious if you ever thought about this? And the answer might be it doesn’t matter. So you’re talking about sharing posts from Instagram, and GoGold mentioned Hey, you want to share it to Facebook because obviously Instagram is owned by Facebook. And it’s an instant, you just basically click a button and it’s going to share it. Question question if you think it matters, if you instead of sharing it from Instagram, if you organically post it as well, not as well. But instead, it’s instead of slow. So when you’re out you’re going to be posting it to places Instagram, same exact post you’re gonna post in Facebook, do you think it matters? Whether you share it from Instagram? Or take the extra step not share it from Instagram and just art and post it uniquely also in Facebook?

Gogo Bethke 28:27
Yeah, I don’t think so. I think it used to matter in the past before you buy one another where it showed like it was an Instagram post. And now it’s fair to Facebook, it doesn’t show it any more. Now it just looks like a Facebook post. Even

D.J. Paris 28:39
I feel the same way. I just was curious because you’re the You’re the queen of Instagram. So

Gogo Bethke 28:43
from Instagram, so my account so I strongly recommend everybody to have a business page on bonus, I don’t do business on personal for many reasons a because my friends who didn’t sign up for that,

D.J. Paris 28:54
right, they don’t want to see your your social media bootcamp stuff.

Gogo Bethke 28:58
And then be it’s because you’re limited on your personal you’re limited to 5000. So believe it or not 5000 may sound like I don’t know, 5000 people. But if you do this right, in less than a year, you’re going to be past that. And then you’re going to have to boot people. And so do it on a page. Now, you’re going to have to start over and do it on a page because you’re going to outgrow that platform so might as well just start and do it right and do it on a page on both sides.

D.J. Paris 29:24
Got it. I will say as far as the sharing there is also a Share button to Twitter and I know Twitter isn’t as popular of course as it used to be if you are going to share to Twitter do not share to Twitter via the Instagram app because it just posts a link and Twitter does not love that so as as Go Go saying hey, you can click the share to Facebook and it shouldn’t negatively affect the Facebook rankings but if you’re going to do Twitter, yeah copy and paste it over. And also, you know put the photo in organically. Twitter does not love driving traffic to Instagram so if you do it from Instagram, it just posts a link to your to your your Instagram posts, guys, so if you’re using Twitter, which probably most Realtors aren’t these days, but if you are just organically posted in Twitter,

Gogo Bethke 30:07
yeah, Twitter is a it’s a totally different level of English. I never been able to understand I’m happy I can speak basic English. I don’t Twitter English, so I never did it.

D.J. Paris 30:18
Yeah, yeah, it’s well, and Twitter is struggled over the last 10 years to really gain its foothold. But yeah, so guys, so let’s just recap a couple of those ideas. We talked about working with local businesses, right. We talked about doing giveaways, we talked about doing mailers, then we talked about Facebook or Instagram. And we talked about tagging your location, we talked about having a you know, the the giveaways and making sure people are engaging, right. It’s all about engagement. And then we also talked about sharing, you know, how do we how do we share our posts, to other social media networks and having an engagement group, don’t hesitate, reach out to other realtors in your area. If you don’t know who is heavy in social media in your area. Just ask around or look online or google it right you’ll have or look on Instagram do searches, you will find there are many, many realtors who love Instagram, and guess what they all want engagement. So reach out to them and say, Hey, let’s create a little engagement group and support each other.

Gogo Bethke 31:16
Yeah, and it’s easy to find on Instagram, especially if they’re using the right hashtags. So for example, I’m in Michigan. So if I’m looking for Michigan realtors that have social media presence, I would search for the hashtag Michigan realtor. Right? Every single one of them that’s on there. So if you’re in Chicago, you’re gonna do Chicago realtor, Cleveland, realtor, Ohio realtor, whatever area that you cover, you can just put that in and search for those and they will pop up and then just message them.

D.J. Paris 31:41
Great. What else is on your sheet? I don’t want to guess anymore. Because probably, I already guessed perfectly once and I’ll probably not.

Gogo Bethke 31:53
So personalized brand is no longer optional. Okay, so what that means to me and in my language, let me break it down to you, you don’t sell real estate, you sell yourself and you’re selling your services. So if you are not in the posts, if you are not in the pictures, if you’re not in the videos, you are going to lose them, you might not even gain them in the first place. But if you gain them at some point, you’re going to lose them. So if all you post is your last listing and open house this weekend and a nice kitchen, people are an average on the market for every seven, how do they say every seven to 10 years for six months, if we do is realistically in between, you’re going to lose them. People are curious about how other people live their life or do their business. And that’s how you’re going to gain their eyeballs. So personalize it as much as you can. It has to be about you. So if nothing goes to change this year, but you’re going to put yourself more often in front of the camera, you’re going to skyrocket your business.

D.J. Paris 32:52
Yeah, this is important. So guys, here’s a really silly example, but a good one. So let’s say you’re going to take a picture of the food at a restaurant that you’re at, which of course we all love to do, right, everybody does that. I would encourage you and look, it’s really cool if you can get that shot just right. But how about putting yourself behind the food as well so people can see that you’re at the restaurant with your husband or your boyfriend or your girlfriend or whoever just alone. Like people want to see you in addition to the perfect meal that you’re about to eat, put yourself in and in fact just test it to Tupac do two different things on two different days show just the picture of the food you’ll get a ton of likes, show yourself in the in the in the picture for a different restaurant with a different food and see what the difference is. I will almost guarantee you’ll get more likes when you’re in the pit.

Gogo Bethke 33:39
We’ll take it one step further and create a quick little video story about you taking that first bite of that food. That’s the reason why went to that restaurant. And then you let people watch your facial reactions while you swallow that first bite and it’s so good. And next thing you know you have 1000s of views and now they’re at their restaurant open ordering the same food tagging you oh my gosh, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place.

D.J. Paris 34:05
I just did this with my family. We they were in town. And my we were some restaurant in Chicago down downtown and they had whatever you order walk guacamole. It’s a Mexican place. They give you a bowl of crickets of dried fried crickets. That’s one of their specialties and it’s kind of a novelty, but it’s a nice restaurant. And so I’m like, Oh, I have to eat this right. And of course we have to video in the eating a cricket because that’s kind of funny. And you know, I got a few 1000 views just from doing instead of doing a picture of a cricket. Look. I’m about to eat a cricket. Nobody cares. They want to see me eat a cricket. Yeah, right. And I was just doing it for fun and

Gogo Bethke 34:46
that cricket going on. Yeah.

D.J. Paris 34:48
So that’s a really good you guys. It doesn’t have to be an extreme thing like that. But it’s silly as it’s I did this I ate live octopus in New York like five years ago. And I did the same thing. I’m like we got a video this week. Yeah, yeah, it was well live in that. Yeah, yeah, they were all squiggling around on a plate. Now that one actually got some people didn’t like it because they were like, That’s animal cruelty. They didn’t understand that the tentacle is already severed. And it was just the nerves were moving around. So it wasn’t like, I pulled it off of a live octopus, but it had been pulled off of a live octopus and then they anyway it’s a bit of a delicacy.

Gogo Bethke 35:24
Anything so if you want to take ever any one on one of those shows, where you win things, if you eat things, you want to eat anything, but are made to live octopus.

D.J. Paris 35:35
All right. Anything else we got for today?

Gogo Bethke 35:39
Yes, video video is a must. Cute little stories, just not stories that you plan for like stories, what I mean, like, literally, you have this gadget with you all the time, your cell phone, grab that thing, go to your stories on Instagram and just blah, blah, blah for 15 seconds, whatever’s on your mind whatever’s going on in your day, show that you walk into your your closing and what is your closing gap show that, you know, you’re one to Starbucks, and you order this coffee, because you’re meeting with this client, like whatever that’s going on, just show snippets, people are curious how you live your life, people are curious how you run your business, people are curious of your work ethic. And there’s no better way of showing it but showing it in action. So video is very important. And try to make sure that you know at least 80% of the time you are in that video. And you’re not just shooting random happenings in your life and around you but you’re actually in it and you’re the subject of the video. LinkedIn is the next very important thing LinkedIn is now competing with the Facebook’s and Instagrams, and so allow, they are allowing way more eyeballs right now than Facebook and Instagram does, because they want you to use their platform to get that, that attention. So use LinkedIn, the way I do my post is I start everything on Instagram, I automatically feed it to Facebook. And then I take the same link and go over to Instagram and post it. So technically, I post twice, I don’t type of the blah, blah, blah, before I post the blah, blah, blah and Instagram, I copy it. So then I go to LinkedIn plug in the photo, paste, the blah, blah, blah post literally takes 20 seconds to post on all three platforms. So that the ad costs. So Facebook, what happened is when they opened it up where we can run ads, they ran out of geological locations. So multiple people were able to cover with their ads, the same location. Now there’s, it’s oversaturated. And in order to fix that, the only way to fix that is by raising the cost. So they’re going to raise the price and assume that the ones that can afford it anymore, it’s just going to fall off. Facebook ad cost is going to get much higher, my understanding is in 2020 Don’t quote me on it. So if you were planning on running some ads, you want to do it now and you want to do it fast. So you can hopefully stay in the game. Very smart, a lot of fun, then new ones come in. I don’t know if you guys realize but on the Facebook app, again, if you have sorry, not just the app, but Facebook altogether. If you have a page, now you have an option to share your calendar. Yes, people can literally plug themselves into a vise like if you go to my Facebook and Google’s real estate. You can see how it’s set up. I have a buy side consultation and the listing site consultation and in syncs with my personal calendar. So it only gives them the opportunity of the times when I have set up when it’s open for a half an hour interval and they literally plug themselves in to a consultation. I just wake up I’m like, Oh, I have a buyer consultation and 11 today. Yep,

D.J. Paris 38:28
I use the same thing for realtors that are interested in joining our firms. So if you go to the page for our my company, yeah, it there’s a book appointment thing. And yes, you guys it takes like two minutes to set this thing up. And yeah, very smart.

Gogo Bethke 38:42
Next one is template based marketing. If you are using a third party, or it’s template based where they they are using beautiful stock photos, they’re beautiful, but they’re stuck. It’s not personal. There is no correlation, there is no real relationship between me and photo on the other end, so that those things don’t work. So if you are paying for a service like that, stop it right now. Even if you’re not willing to do real estate, you’re wasting your money with that it’s not going to work, it’s not going to generate your business. And you probably know it already, because you probably followed for a while and not seeing the results. And that’s why it’s because it’s not personalized. So the template based got to go create your hashtag so you remember we were talking about the Michigan Realtor will find someone hashtags are an Instagram are kind of like search words. So if you would go to Google and search for something, how would you search so imagine those words plugged into one little more but the hashtag in front of it. So you create your own hashtag. The reason why that’s important is because that is your brand. If somebody is looking for Google’s real estate, they’re going to plug in Google’s real estate and they’re going to find me because I tagged myself every single time with my own hashtag. Very smart. So you want to a figure out what is your brand being create your own hashtag and creating your own hashtag that just means guys, that when you make a post you’re going to have stick that brand. So if yours is keeping it real podcast, then you’re going to make a post. And every time you make a post, you’re going to do hashtag keeping a real podcast every single time. So when I go on there, and I’m gonna be like, What is this keepin it real podcast about I’m gonna go on there putting keeping the real past, and then I’m going to find every post they ever made. So the more there is, the more legit it’s going to look. And also when other people start using your hashtags, that really makes you more legit. So when your listeners, you could do a giveaway. And you’re saying, Hey, guys, everybody who tags keeping a real podcast this week, in your posts, and the end of the week, I give away blah, blah, blah. Now you had 100,000 of your followers tagging you once that’s 100,000 tags. Huge. That’s just made you really legit,

D.J. Paris 40:48
right? Yep. Awesome. Great idea.

Gogo Bethke 40:51
So hashtags are important. voice notes. So if somebody reaches out to you don’t just send back a normal message of like, yeah, that sounds great. Hold that little voice note button and say yes, as Jessica and call them by the first name. So go to their profile, look at their first thing. Call them by their first name, because everybody loves hearing their own name out of your mouth. Because that means you recognize me, you see me, you hear me? I exist. Yeah, my

D.J. Paris 41:17
girlfriend does that for me on text message, which is she’s the first person that’s ever done that and I love it. I love hearing your voice. So instead of calling me sometimes we’ll be texting back and forth. She’ll just hold that button and do it. You guys can do the same thing on Facebook. So just voice

Gogo Bethke 41:31
my voice notes. So when somebody reaches out to you and said, Hey, I would love to you know, buy a two bedroom condo in Howell Michigan. Now just sending back a message saying, oh, yeah, I would love to be a realtor, you can be like, Hi, Kevin, thank you so much for reaching out, you know, I have this and this going on today. But would you please just type up exactly what you’re looking for. I need your full name, your email address and your cell phone number. I will, you know, log you into the system, I will email you everything that’s on the market by the end of the day. And once again, thank you so much for reaching out to me. So it’s something that is just way more personal. You call them by the name, you give them the time of the day, and more than likely they’re going to do business with you because it’s more personal.

D.J. Paris 42:07
Awesome. Let’s stop there only because you have so much stuff that you I know you want to get to. And I don’t want to get all of it away this month, because I want people coming back next month they will anyway, but I am putting the brakes on it because I want people to start utilizing what they’ve learned today. And then we’re gonna follow up in a month and continue on. So yeah, this was so amazing, guys. So what we don’t want to do is overwhelm you with too much ideas. And gogo is ready to just keep going for the next hour because she’s so amazing. But here’s what you guys need to do right now. Go to gogos bootcamp.com. Guys, I don’t promote anything. This is the only thing I promote. It’s that good. I mean, listen to gogo, she is ready to talk for another hour about this. Her course is incredible. I am doing her course, we this is embarrassing. We don’t even have an Instagram account for our podcast because I could never figure out how to promote a podcast on Instagram. And I finally realized, because I’m kind of a dummy. I finally realized by going through our program, how to do that. So we’re going to start doing this. So join this journey with me together, right? Obviously I want to grow with podcasts. You guys want to grow your businesses and real estate gogo is the person to do it. She’s done it for 1000s of people continues to do it. And how nice is it that she comes on our show out of the goodness of her heart to talk to you and give you guys all these great tips for free? Like how amazing is that? So guys, Go Go’s boot camp.com. It’s a brand new program, even from just a few months ago, and it’s awesome. And she is a speaker. She goes all over the country talking about this she gets paid a ton of money to teach what she’s giving you right now, but she wants to teach you in the privacy of your home. So definitely Go Go’s bootcamp.com is where you need to go and follow her on Instagram as well. Which is Go Go’s real estate at gogos real estate.

Gogo Bethke 43:56
Thank you guys so much. I love this opportunity. I truly love what I get to do like this is like my hat. You know, I mean, it’s fun. It’s so fun.

D.J. Paris 44:04
And you know, look guys, we’re gonna have her on every single month. So here’s what we need from you the listeners, we need you to do two things. Actually three things you need to go to Instagram and follow Go Go Go Go’s real estate you need to go to, you need to go also to Facebook and followers. Well, you also need to follow us on Facebook guys every single day we post a link to an article that we have found online to help you grow your business. So at keeping it real pod and soon we’ll have an Instagram account too. So you guys need to follow go go on Instagram, Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and you’re gonna go out and tell a friend as well about this podcast. All you have to do is turn to the realtor next to you in your office and say, Hey, do you guys do you want to learn how to grow your business on social media? We’ve got I just listen to this podcast to this amazing woman. It just gave like 10 really great ideas. You’re gonna tell them about our podcast and then and really that’s all you got to do if every one of our listeners tells a friend we’re going to double our listenership, which we did last year, we want to do it again. So I want to thank you Guys on advance for helping build, build up your business by listening to these podcasts and also help your neighbors business. Tell the person next to you in the you know, while nobody Realtors don’t work in offices anymore, but everybody you know, tell them about this podcast right? And make sure that they know about gogo and you know, we just want to keep our whole intention guys is legitimately to help you grow your business. That is what we do. And how cool is it that we do it for free on these podcasts? So,

Gogo Bethke 45:28
so let’s let’s ask their opinion what they want to know. So yeah, that’s leave us messages. DMS is leave a note on any of our posts just say hey, I just listened to your keepin it real podcast. And I would really love if you covered this

D.J. Paris 45:42
guy’s this, this is for you. So we need to know what you want to hear. So reach out to us you can go to by the way, every single episode we’ve ever done, including the Google episodes are all on keeping it real pod.com. We’re also on Apple, iTunes, Google Play Stitcher, Pandora, all the places you can find podcasts, just pull up in a podcast app, look for keeping it real podcast, I promise it’ll pop up if not reach out to me at our website, and I’ll help you. But guys, we want to help you grow your business in 2020. Gogo, thank you so much for being on the show. Once again, we’re going to have you back in a month, assuming you’re willing to write and we we love it Go Go’s boot camp.com. Guys gogo is one of my favorite people ever for this show. She’s just perfect and the audience loves her. So on behalf of our listeners, go go. Thank you. And on behalf of gogo and me to the listeners. Thank you for listening.

Gogo Bethke 46:32
Thanks so much for having me on if you will take the time. When you do see the results of anything that I shared here today if you would just send me a message I want to make I just added it makes me fluffy and makes me feel good knowing that whatever I put out there and generates the results and everybody’s happy with it. So I would love to get your notes when you see the results.

D.J. Paris 46:51
Perfect guys get stay in touch. And thank you so much. And we’ll see you next month Gaga.

Gogo Bethke 46:57
Thank you so much. Okay, bye

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