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Welcome to the first episode of Video Boot Camp for Real Estate professionals with Kim Rittberg.

In this episode, Kim shares her experience and strategies on how to make a proper video for the clients. Kim explains its importance and how a video can be very powerful in reaching the clients and building relationships. Kim also discusses her video boot camp on how to attract the ideal clients. Last, Kim shares 5 video ideas.

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Not sure what to post on social? Well today you’re going to learn five videos you can make right now to grow your real estate business. Stay tuned. This episode of Keeping it real is brought to you by real geeks. How many homes are you going to sell this year? Do you have the right tools? Is your website turning soft leads in interested buyers? Are you spending money on leads that aren’t converting? Well real geeks is your solution. Find out why agents across the country choose real geeks as their technology partner. Real geeks was created by an agent for agents. They pride themselves on delivering a sales and marketing solution so that you can easily generate more business. There agent websites are fast and built for lead conversion with a smooth search experience for your visitors. Real geeks also includes an easy to use agent CRM. So once a lead signs up on your website, you can track their interest and have great follow up conversations. Real geeks is loaded with a ton of marketing tools to nurture your leads and increase brand awareness visit real geeks.com forward slash keeping it real pod and find out why Realtors come to real geeks to generate more business again, visit real geeks.com forward slash keeping it real pod and now on to our show.

Hello, keeping it real podcast listeners. This is your host DJ Parris your guide and host is how I normally start but today’s a special introduction here because I am not doing this episode. So I want to introduce you to our newest feature on the podcast. This is going to be a monthly episode called Social boot camp with Kim Rydberg now I had Kim on the show recently and I was I just completely had such a great time with her that I basically grabbed her and said you have to keep doing our show on a regular basis. So Kim is going to be doing monthly episodes specifically around social media and video really helping you figure out what are the top agents doing to increase their reach their engagement, you know, we all can be doing better and more on social media. But firstly, let me tell you who Kim actually is. So you know why she’s somebody you should be listening to and why I chose her to be on the show. So let me give you her bio here. Now Kim Rydberg is an award winning digital content strategist and on camera coach who helps real estate professionals and business owners grow their income leads and credibility with video and podcasts. Now get this she spent 15 years as a media executive at Netflix, People Magazine and in TV news, and she launched the first ever digital video unit for Us Weekly magazine. She knows this stuff well. Now Kim coaches real estate agents to be better on camera and make unforgettable social media video and podcast content that brings in leads clients and revenue. She has been featured in Business Insider and Fast Company and has been in speaker and instructor at Penn and Syracuse University and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School. She also hosts her own podcast mom’s exit interview, spurred by her decision to quit corporate and launch her own business after working in the hospital while giving birth to her second child. Now the podcast helps women craft careers that work for their life instead of the other way around. Please go check out Kim’s podcast mom’s exit interview and hit that subscribe button for her now let me tell you what you’re going to learn today because this is really exciting. This is our first episode and you’ve been so patient let letting me drone on about how much I just love having him on the show. But let me tell you what she’s going to talk about in just a moment. Today, we’re going to talk about five videos you can make today to grow your real estate business. And you know what, that’s all I’m gonna say let’s leave the rest up for Kim. So guys, do Kim a huge favor and let her know what you think of this episode. You can reach her she’s gonna give her contact information or you can always reach out to us we’ll pass it over to her. But tell another agent about the show specifically about Kim’s episode because we want her while her episodes which she’s gonna be doing these monthly. But let everybody know about this because Kim is a real superstar and we’re so so honored to have her so without further ado, let’s get to Kim

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I am so excited to be back with you all on keeping it real. I heard from so many of you. Direct Message me you sent me emails. I’m so appreciative of this audience. You all are investing in your cells and you really want to learn and I love that because I love to teach. Fun fact I just spoke at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices convention in Las Vegas. I don’t know if any of you were there. It was really fun. Lots of great people great teaching great learning. And if you are interested in this episode, that means you’re looking to grow your business with video. So, if you’re struggling to show up on video, or you’re making some video, but it’s not landing your ideal clients, I have a brand new video bootcamp, it teaches you how to attract your ideal client and grow your leads income and credibility. I have dozens of awesome testimonials on my site, you can see, but be sure to check it out. As soon as possible. My last boot camp, actually, I had to close the doors early. So you can apply now it’s not binding, you can just apply and we can see if it’s a fit. Basically in the class, you’ll get a system and a process to create content consistently and efficiently. No burnout, you get pre built scripts and templates for videos. A proper set up for filming, I teach you how to repurpose your content, meaning you film once and you get 10 videos, and a brainstorm process and lots of accountability from me. I am an award winning video strategist. I spent 10 years in TV news, I worked at Pop Sugar video, US Weekly video, and Netflix marketing. But now for the past five years, I’ve been helping business owners and professionals grow with video. And I’ve won some awards. And anyway, it’s really fun. So let’s jump in and I want to teach you some stuff. So today I want to teach you about five great video ideas that you can make today as a real estate agent. The idea of video, I like to bring it back to the basics is video is not just okay post a video, here’s the client video has this amazing ability to reach your existing clients or existing network, find new leads new potential clients and reignite old old contacts. By that I mean, you can have a contact come out of the woodwork you haven’t seen in five or 10 years. My agents that I work with in one on one and group coaching are seeing this. They have someone reach out they haven’t seen in five years say, Hey, David, I loved your Instagram, I’m seeing you really showing up. And because the content is on brand, and it’s focusing on educating or entertaining that it’s really connecting. So I really want to start with that because I think it’s important before we talk about the video ideas, we remember what video can do for us. And again, I’m going to do another quick little tip before I give you my ideas. When you make video. Remember to make your video one of the three E’s entertaining, educational or emotional, meaning that is what you want the watcher to walk away with. So we’re never selling, we’re very rarely selling like, even, you know, maybe you’re saying, Oh, I won this award. Or maybe you’re saying just clothes just listed. That’s that should be like 20% of your social feed, to really convert to really bring people into you and into your network and be building that relationship, a tiny portion should be selling. But remember, you’re making this content because when you bring people in, when you build that relationship, eventually ideally, they will be a client and it’s not a client or refer. So that’s just something to really keep in mind before we jump into the ideas just level setting what it can do. And these ideas are really agnostic of platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Facebook or Tik Tok, or Instagram or YouTube, all of these videos, they work, you know, they’re really solid ideas, they’re really showcase you and it doesn’t matter where you are. And this is basically these are five ideas I use, I sprinkle them throughout my real estate agent. And they work. They’re just like fun ideas that bring people in to you. So number one first idea, position yourself as a neighborhood expert. So that can go as a tour of the neighborhood you represent. It could also be a feature on some businesses. And the reason why these are really good is because if you’re selling let’s say I live in Brooklyn, New York. So if I’m selling in Brooklyn, I want people to realize I am really the expert. I know the values I know the people, I know which books are the best, which which you know, where you can walk your dog, it’s really important to position yourself as the expert so that can be you can be holding your camera and again, you do not need a lot of fancy expensive equipment. Actually, an iPhone is awesome, because people feel like they get to know you. So you’re gonna hold your camera out in front of you, or get a selfie stick. I don’t, I don’t really use a selfie stick. I just hold my camera. It depends how long your arm is, you’re going to hold it in front of you. And you’re going to make sure you’re standing a little bit far back you want people to see the street, you that’s called an establishing shot. If you’ve ever noticed in TV, before you see a scene you’ll see the outside of a house or the city you know, like the Los Angeles cityscape or the New York City skyline. They’re establishing where you are. So you’re gonna want to stand in the main street of your town or in a really beautiful park that everybody recognizes. And you’re going to introduce the concept of the video. You are not going to start with your name because especially if you’re making short form video, that’s not a good use of the beginning seconds. You’re gonna say do you want to know all of that? Brooklyn Heights, let’s jump in, or I just discovered the best. Top a spot in all of Brooklyn, check it out. And so you’re basically starting with your headline, you’re always starting with your headline, and then you’re jumping right into the video. So that’s number one. first idea is being a neighborhood expert. Number two is an SEO driven video. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What this means is that Google could find your video. So SEO even though I’m saying Google, it’s really just the ability to have words that people can find. So if you’re an Instagram, and your video says Brooklyn’s best restaurants, book, Brooklyn’s most family friendly restaurants, and that’s in your caption, someone in Instagram actually searched that and find you. So that’s very valuable. When you think about it, right? Being being able to be searched is very valuable. So what you can do to find a great idea that people are searching for you go on Google, start searching words about your neighborhood about your area, see what people are asking. You can go to Cora qu o Ra. That’s a forum where people ask questions, read it or add it Reddit is a good one, and YouTube. And you’re going to be looking at what is out there and what people are searching for. Everyone’s searching Google and you stop, like, what can I find in or what’s the best neighborhood in, it will fill in the blank for you. So basically, you want to see what other people are searching for. And so that video, it can be you can execute it on whatever you want. But if I found that people are searching for in Brooklyn, you know, which neighborhood in Brooklyn is closest to Manhattan or something like that? Now that I know if people are searching for that, I’m going to make a video about that, I’m going to stand right in the neighborhood, I’m going to film myself, I’m going to put something great and visual over my shoulder, I’m going to stand where the Brooklyn Bridge is, but I’m probably not gonna stand somewhere too noisy or too windy, because you’re not going to hear me. But I’m gonna stand in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. And I’m going to say, where should you live in Brooklyn, if you work in Manhattan, and you’re looking for a short commute, here are the top three neighborhoods that are closest to Manhattan. And then basically, I will talk a little bit about it. So that’s number two. Number one, we have the neighborhood expert video. Number two, we had an SEO driven video. Number three commonly asked questions. Basically, you are obviously an expert, you’re not just a real estate professional, you’re an expert, you talk to dozens, hundreds, maybe 1000s of people. And so what you should be thinking about is, what are they asked me a lot, because of a lot of people have already asked you it means more people want to ask you that. So that’s a really great thread to pull out to come up with ideas. So if you always get asked, you know, what’s going on with interest rates? Or should I buy a condo or Co Op or this new area? You know, you think it’ll be hot? In a few years, whatever the question is, you’re going to make make a video about that specifically. And remember, you don’t actually have to, you don’t actually need to answer all of the answers. Because it’s a short form video, you only have to fill like 1530 45 seconds, shorter is better. So you take your commonly asked question and you answer it. And again, you’re always starting with a headline, because it’s the headline that grabs people and brings them into the video. And when I say a headline, I mean, you start with that thought, that really catchy headline. And you also write on screen with words, your headline. So

number four, a trending sound video. I think you all know what this is. But if not, I will describe it. Basically, you know, the the all of the lip syncing and all the dancing, right and Instagram and Tiktok. They’re not all dancing and singing. Sometimes they’re just like music and someone’s doing something to music. Basically, those trending sounds come up more. So we just talked about search engine optimization means Google and find you better. While a trending sound. If you use it, it increases the ability for people to find you, we call that discoverability. So if you use a trending sound, you increase the discoverability of your social feed. So you can use that song in a fun way where you know someone’s dancing to the song or lip sing to the song. You also can just show something about your business. It could be behind the scenes of what you do each day and just use a trending song. But it is really important to think about that as a potential use because if you’re putting all your videos without sound, you’re really losing a really good opportunity. I want to say something about trending sounds. It’s very, very important to be solid on your message. And when I say your message, I mean your brand message Suraj what makes you unique in terms for to make this work? Because otherwise, it takes a really long time. If you see a trend out there, like someone’s dancing to some fun song, and they’re and they’re writing some text on it, if you don’t really know what your main content topics are, it becomes very hard and very time consuming to all of a sudden jump on like a fun trending song. So it’s very important that like, before you even make any of this content, you really know what you talk about who you are, right? Who are you as a brand. So when someone comes to me, I say, I help business owners and real estate professionals grow their leads income and credibility, I also let them know, I’m a mom of two. I live in Brooklyn. I love art, other little things. So when you get to my social feed, you’re like, Okay, this makes sense. I understand who this person is. And when I’m trying to jump on a fun trending video, I know what I talk about, I basically talk about video, I talked about being better on camera, I talked about being a working mom. And so you know, those are the sorts of topics you’ll be seeing there. And then it makes it easier for me to make a video quickly, when when a trending music comes up. And speaking of making something quickly. Video number five I recommend is a timely video. My first 10 years of my career was in news. And I have seen the ability for people to really get a lot of attention by pegging themselves to a news hook. And a news hook doesn’t have to be something political or sad. It doesn’t have to be news, it just has to be timely. So for I think the easiest way to think about it for real estate is the next thing the next time a big thing happens in your in the market and the financial markets, you should get on video and put your opinion on it. So for example, I’m gonna give you a real life example. My agent David, we were shooting a bunch of oversharing on LinkedIn live, and then it was the Silicon Valley Bank failure. So we made sure to film immediately the impact of that on New York City on New York City Real Estate. And it’s your opinion, so not only does it have the benefit of being a timely video that people really want to see, it has the benefit of putting you out there as an expert, as a thought leader. And so I think that that’s something to really keep in mind. And when I talk about timely, it doesn’t need to be news news news, like I mentioned before, it could be pop culture moments. So in my recent video bootcamp, one of my students Torres, I taught her to really think about pop culture moments and try to jump on it in terms of video content. And this was right after the Rihanna Superbowl moment, where she announced her pregnancy with this amazing red leather flutter spandex outfit. And I sent out a quick newsletter, everybody’s saying make sure to peg something to the Super Bowl to Rihanna specifically. And she did, she showed up on a video and it wasn’t like a dancing or singing video was her reaction to Rihanna. And that real instead of getting her normal few 100 views, it got 13,000 views, because you did it at the right time. And she had a different angle on it. Again, she’s talking to camera just talking about Rihanna his experience, it wasn’t a highly edited or highly polished video. But when you’re really thinking about what other people are thinking about, and you put yourself into the conversation, it can be really good. And I do want to say here, when you’re making these videos, there are ways to optimize it. And that’s something I go over in my video bootcamp, basically, building your brand, Making great video, and then getting it discovered. So you know, when you’re trying to do those timely videos, adding in the right hashtags, so you can get discovered. And if this is all overwhelming for you, don’t worry, because I have a video bootcamp opening up really soon. Applications will open soon if you go to Kim river.com. But I did want to mention about discovery because when you’re trying to jump on a trend, when you’re trying to jump on a new story, you really want to make sure you’re appearing in people’s feed so that they can find you. A couple of other things that as I was going through this, I was just gonna recommend. I talked a little bit about the idea of a headline, and I had lined on a hook is basically the idea that the very first few seconds of your video is the best chance to get people. So when you’re having your idea, really tried to think of a headline that like a media outlet would use. So instead of starting your video, with a text on it being like, here’s a restaurant in Brooklyn, it’s not a great headline. But how about the most delicious tapas restaurant in Brooklyn or three new restaurants you need to try right now in Brooklyn. That’s a better headline, right? It’s a little spicier, it’s a little more engaging. It really has more of that hook to hook people in. And then the other thing I wanted to remind people about is the brand element of it and really like being solid on understanding who you are and what you bring. And it is it’s important to know that because it really helps you figure out fresh ideas because the You really want to try to be yourself and the best version of yourself because you’re putting yourself out there as an expert, like you’re really a thought leader in your field. So I think that’s important. Another thing, this is kind of like, if I’m giving tips, maybe that’s one, class one, level one, or one, or class two, or one, I’m gonna give you a little bit of a video 301 tip when you’re filming, especially outside, but inside to a great way to get higher engagement, more people watching more people staying through the video, you can switch where you are. So for my example, earlier, we’re on filming near the Brooklyn Bridge meeting, I want to hold up my camera and start seeing I

want to know the Brooklyn neighborhoods that are closest to Manhattan. So you have a great commute. So maybe I start with a shot of the Brooklyn bridge behind me. But then on my second frame, frame, meaning the next moment in the video, I stop a start the next one, and I turn my body a little bit, and I have an entirely different background. Changing the visuals does a lot to keep people there. You know, I think we get used to seeing that talking head really like a person just talking to the camera, it’s fine. It’s not a problem, it’s better than not doing video, it’s a great way to showcase who you are what you do. But if you can add in more visual intrigue, more visual interest in it, that is great. And all you need to do basically, you have your first shot, where you’re filming at the Brooklyn Bridge, your second shot where you turned it a little bit and you’re showing some neighborhood in DUMBO, Another Brooklyn area, and then you’re turning your back to your third shot, it can be the same as your first shot. So it doesn’t have to be so complicated. But if you can, and you want to level up just that little bit, you can but that’s really like a through like a plus Apple for the teacher stuff. So don’t worry too much about that. And, again, thank you, I really love hearing from you. So message me which one of these videos are going to do and tag me because a lot of you, I forgot to tell you a lot of you tagged me in your videos, and I was so happy to hear from you. I was like, yes, these people are the best. So make one of these videos. Again, I’m gonna list out the videos, a neighborhood expert video, an SEO driven video meaning something people search for on Google or YouTube. A commonly asked questions what people asking you specifically just answer one of those those questions in a short form video. For you can make a video off of a trending sound can be like a dancing video or a singing video. Number five, a timely video, peg your next video to something happening. It could be something local, it could be like a big sports game in your neighborhood, or a big news event. But those are those five videos, I want you to make one of these posted and you’re going to tag me it’s at Kim KIMRI tt br j. So don’t forget, we’re gonna make it you’re going to tag me and you’re really looking to level up your video game and you really want to get out of that like I don’t know what to make, how do I make good video, all of that stuff. I my video bootcamp is opening in mid April. It’s sold out early. So if you’re interested to apply now, there’s some finding just go to my website, Kim ripper.com. You go to Courses and coaches, courses and coaching. And from there you can put in your information and basically I’m gonna show you how to set up or great has set up to shoot great videos, how to repurpose your content, and amazing system or process to create lots of awesome content efficiently. I give you scripts and templates. Basically you get my 15 years of knowledge and a seven week boot camp. It’s but it’s in a fun way. And there’s a lot of accountability so we’ll make videos together. You’ll get my input on those videos during live coaching sessions. It’s a live coaching program. So thank you so much for having me. I love hearing from you. Don’t forget to message me on Instagram or LinkedIn wherever Kim Rydberg r i t t b erg. Thanks so much

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