How Real Estate Agents Should Plan For 2022 • Coaching Moments • Ryan D’Aprile

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Welcome to another episode of Coaching Moments With Ryan D’Aprile from D’Aprile Properties!

Ryan and DJ discuss how you can use negative news stories to reassure you clients and provide value. Ryan also discusses why you shouldn’t always see a property as an investment. As the new year approaches, Ryan discusses what agents should do at this period and how to plan their next year. Next, Ryan discusses why he thinks that going to the office is the best way for agents to be successful and why working from home doesn’t work. Last, Ryan wants to remind everyone of the importance of their “WHY”.

If you’d prefer to watch this interview, click here to view on YouTube!

Ryan D’Aprile can be reached at 312.590.6416 and ryan@daprileproperties.com.

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