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How Do Real Estate Agents Navigate Through The Current Culture Of Activism? • Close-ing Time • Chris Linsell

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Welcome to our monthly feature, Close-ing Time – in partnership with TheClose.com.

In this episode Chris Linsell from The Close introduces The Close Pro – a monthly subscription service providing access to all of The Close content and also premium content including, exclusive marketing courses, weekly small group coaching and access to their entire resource library. Second, Chris discusses the changes that are being seen in the real estate market as a result of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how important it is to be on the right side of history. Last, a probable second wave of COVID19 is discussed and what real estate agents can do to be prepared for another possible lock-down.

If you’d prefer to watch this interview, click here to view on YouTube!

Chris Linsell can be reached at chris@theclose.com.

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