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Why You Should ONLY Price Homes In Multiples of 10k • Liz Lessons

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New video feature! In addition to continuing to produce the long-form audio interviews with top 1% producers, we’re also going to serve you up some bite-sized video goodness!

Keeping It Real Podcast producer Liz Lape is here to guide you on an actionable strategy to help your business. It’s short, helpful, and also on video!

In today’s Liz Lesson she discusses why real estate brokers should price their seller’s properties ONLY in multiples of 10k.

Liz Lape Keeping It Real Podcast


Liz Lape 0:04
Hey, I was late producer for keeping it real podcast and this is a list lesson. Did you know that you should be pricing your listings in multiples of 10,000 for example, 300,000 or 310,000. The reason for this might not be so obvious. Let’s say someone is looking to spend 300,000 on home, and you’re selling a 300,000 home but President 299,000 to be competitive. The problem with this has to do with the way people search online. If a buyer is looking for a home on Zillow for 300,000, they might make 300,000 Their minimum and your listing will never be saved. In fact, studies show that by pricing and multiples of 10,000 these listings get 50% More views. So list all your homes for sale in multiples of 10,000 Thanks. See you next time.

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