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Why I’m Not Afraid To Show My Missing Tooth On Instagram (and you shouldn’t be, either!) • Social Bootcamp • Gogo Bethke

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Welcome to our BRAND-NEW monthly feature, Social Bootcamp With Gogo Bethke!

Gogo Bethke from Gogo’s Bootcamp is known as the Social Media Queen of Real Estate because she built up her entire practice and team (now over 150 agents) through social media engagement. In this episode Gogo discusses what real estate agents can do today during stay-at-home to keep their business running. Also, she demonstrates first-hand how vulnerability is the key to engagement!

If you’d prefer to watch this interview, click here to view on YouTube!

DISCLAIMER: Gogo’s 30-day moneyback guarantee is no longer available.

Gogo Bethke can be reached at gogosrealestate@gmail.com and at her Instagram account.

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