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For our first episode for 2019, we’re excited to announce that Ryan D’Aprile will be hosting a monthly series titled Coaching Moments!

Ryan D’Aprile personally coaches over 300 brokers at his real estate firm, D’Aprile Properties. Each month Ryan generously shares his exact systems, strategies and methods that have produced many top 1% real estate brokers. His passion is coaching, and we couldn’t be more honored to have him as a partner.

In this episode Ryan talks about best practices for starting off each workday. He explains in detail his pre-work routine which includes gratitude, meditation and journaling. Then, he pivots into his morning work routine discussing contacting your sphere of influence and tips on how to find discussion points. Lastly, I provide a suggestion about how to hire an accountability partner for $10 a week!

Ryan D’Aprile can be reached at 312.492.7900 and execassistant@daprileproperties.com.

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