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Gogo Bethke arrived in the U.S. with only $6, no sphere of influence, and English being her third language. She proceeded to get her real estate license and start marketing on Facebook. Within a few years she sold 45mm in real estate and today commands a team of 110 agents. In this episode the social media queen talks about how most get brokers get social media wrong and provides best practices that you can implement today to find more clients online. We’re HUGE fans of Gogo and you will be, too!

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DISCLAIMER: Gogo’s 30-day moneyback guarantee is no longer valid.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Keeping it real the largest real estate podcast made for real estate agents by real estate agents. My name is DJ Paris, I am your guide and host for the show and coming up in just a moment. We have gogo from gogos boot camp. She is a social media superstar in particular on Instagram. So for so many realtors out there wondering how do I get my social media to actually work for me? How do I find clients? Gogo is going to show you how to do that here in just a moment. So in addition, I want every single listener to think of another realtor that you know that could benefit from hearing this sort of interview right where not only do we interview top one percenters, we also interview social media experts gogo is both a top 1% producer and social media expert. We’ve got over 117 of these episodes. So I want everyone to think of someone that could benefit that really wants to learn from top producers how to go about building their business and send them a link to this podcast, you can simply send them a text with the URL, keeping it real pod.com. That is right for our website, podcast. Every episode, you can stream directly from there. You also please everyone follow us on Facebook, we are located@facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pot every single day, we find an article online about helping you grow your business and we post it there and we also do a weekly video. So follow us on Facebook. And lastly, thank you for continuing to listen, we really appreciate it. We’re going strong. Now if you are by the way, if you’re a sponsor or somebody who would like to be a sponsor of our show, let us know we’ll definitely can tell you more about how that works. But guys, thanks again for listening. Thanks for telling a friend. Thanks for following us on social media and onto our interview with Gogo.

Today on the show we have gogo Beth key from GoPro boot camp.com Gogo came to the US in 2003. To build her American dream she was broke, she had no sphere of influence, no experience barely spoke English and only $6 to her name. So that left her with nothing else but Facebook to grow her business. And that’s where she started. She created gogos real estate and her real estate career began with the power of social media gogo has sold over 45 million in residential real estate transactions. She shares the good the bad, and the ugly side of real estate and her honest snippets into her everyday life to her 10s of 1000s of followers. And in the real estate community she earned the nickname the social media queen. After being asked to present at various realtor events. She built a social media bootcamp which is called a Go Go’s boot camp.com. This is for realtors, and today she has a team of 109 agents growing nationwide and her goal is to help as many agents and brokers as possible to forge and create a name for themselves in real estate and if she can do it, she’s this girl from Transylvania, with from Romania with no US education, no sphere of influence, no money, no experience and an accent than anyone can do this. Please follow gogo on Instagram at gogos real estate gogo Welcome to the show.

Gogo Bethke 4:20
Oh my gosh, I think this was the best description of me ever.

D.J. Paris 4:24
Well, I’m pretty good at it. So no, no, this, I am so excited. I have to before we get started, I just want to tell the audience, this is a really big deal for me. And so gogo is so sweet. And she’s too busy to even do these kinds of things. And the fact that she’s taking time is we’re so honored. We get requests every single day, really, like legitimately every day from people that say I want to be on the show. And you know, most of the time 99% of the time we say hey, thanks. But a lot of times, you know we’re not sure about what kind of value they can bring. So we turn people down. And gogo is one of the first people she actually made me a Video, which is so cool. And nobody had ever done that. And sometimes just going the extra step, because normally, we probably would have passed, not anything personal to gogo, but just, we weren’t sure it would fit our model. And she sent me a video and he she goes, here’s what I can do for your listeners. And it was exactly the perfect way to, you know, get our attention. And this is exactly what she does and how she has grown her own real estate business. So I just want to honor you for that. Because I will tell you out of the hundreds of other people that we’ve turned away, nobody has ever made me a video and said, Here’s the value I can bring to you. So thank you for doing that.

Gogo Bethke 5:38
Well, that was a really good idea. Just as you said, it’s always better to send a quick video because that way your clients, your potential future client can see a face with the name versus just being a realtor out there that just left him a voicemail. So I try when I have a minute to send the quick, you always want to keep it less than 30 seconds. If possible, just do it, I want you to have a face with the name this is gonna go, I would love to be a real turnoff to have the opportunity call me back, this is myself. And

D.J. Paris 6:03
I love it. And I bet you less than 1% of all realtors do that. So what a great way to separate yourself, especially to if it’s a purchase to lead if it’s through Zillow, or op city or, or any of the different lead providers realtor.com If especially if it’s a purchase lead, because they definitely don’t know you.

Gogo Bethke 6:22
Exactly. And you’re just one of those emails that ends up in their spam you out of the 100 other ones that are going to send them an email at the same time. Not only that, but if you think about it, text message gets open 99% of the time, email gets opened less than 2% of the time. So there is your rate right there. Which one’s going to have a higher rate of return.

D.J. Paris 6:41
Yeah, and by the way, you can also send a link to the video in via text as well.

Gogo Bethke 6:46
Yeah, I usually just shoot the video, if you keep it less than 30 seconds, you can text it directly to them. That’s a very good point, too. Yeah. So you don’t have to upload it to YouTube or whatever, you just send them directly the link.

D.J. Paris 6:57
So I want to go all the way back to 2003. When you came to United States, I love to hear how you got to where you are today. If you don’t mind starting us at the beginning. Can

Gogo Bethke 7:07
I step back a little bit further. So you understand why I’m in the United States. So back into the up until 1989. It was communism in Romania, which means if we’re cut off from the Western world, so finally when when communism ended, and we got access to the Western world, I remember my dad coming home with a colored television and a VCR player. And he brought two VCRs home it was the 48 hours by Eddie Murphy.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
Everyone, everybody thinks like it’s

Gogo Bethke 7:33
coming to America. It’s not that movie that made me come to America. It’s actually Eddie Murphy is 48 hours. I just thought he was the funniest human being I’ve ever seen. He was the first person that I knew that black people existed because when you are in the Western world, or Eastern world, I should say and cut off from the Western world. All we knew is white, like there’s no there’s no diversity. There’s zero diversity. As diverse it gets as we have gypsies, it’s pretty much as diverse it’s going to get in Eastern Europe. And so opening my eyes to I’m like, hold on a minute, like there’s a whole other kind of human being out there. And to me, he was so funny. I that was my first recollection being eight years old. I’ve thinking that I’m going wherever that man is that coming to find out it’s America. So that’s my recollection, I’m going to I’m going to America one day, and then it’s very hard to get a visa to the US. So I was 21 I was in college in Hungary actually. So I was raised in I was born and raised in Transylvania, but I’m Hungarian by nationality. So I went to Hungary in college in Hungary. And in the third year, we were supposed to take an English exam. And my professor said to me, I’m never got to speak English, like literally failed English. And I said, Okay, well, that’s going to have to change because I have to pass that to get my diploma. So I figured the easiest way to learn the language is to go and live with the ones that speak it. So that was my second kind of action of okay, I’m going to America, the only way at the time was to be an au pair. And so I applied with an Au Pair agency, a family here in Brighton, Michigan picked me and that’s how I ended up in Brighton, Michigan, out of all places.

D.J. Paris 9:02
What and then how the move to real estate from being an au pair.

Gogo Bethke 9:08
So I press like a little bit of a process of elimination. You know, I tried anything from data entry in a warehouse to sales in a jewelry store, to coding company, to being a waitress. I mean, I’ve done a little bit of everything trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. And I was a stay at home mom at the time when my neighbor who’s the marketing director of Capitol title came to me and she’s like, you’re so social. You have so many friends. You should be a realtor. I already talked to real estate one, go and talk to them. And so I was like, I watch HGTV. Sure sounds like a great idea. Like that’s, that’s all I did. And they look make it look so easy on HGTV like it’s a walk in a park. I joke and usually say Jurassic Park, but it’s a walk. It’s a walk in the park. And so I went in and talked to real estate one. They are one of the largest real estate companies here in the state of Michigan. But They’re family owned, and they are only in the state of Michigan. They offered me the job. They said, If I pass, they will pay for my school. So I paid upfront, but they reimburse me with my first closing. And so I was with them for six and a half years I was the baby, I was about 30 years younger than the average agent in the office. And I really had a really good like, I always joke and say, I could get away with murder, but I really could just do whatever might be the heart desired. And so that’s where my real estate career started.

D.J. Paris 10:25
So how did you with really no sphere of influence? And I mean, other than, I guess you knew the family that you’d worked for, and you had other jobs but but really no established base of clientele. And also brand new to the industry? How did you build your How did you find your first client, for example?

Gogo Bethke 10:42
So you and I thought about this, I don’t remember who my first client was. And I have to go to the files and see who they were and how they got to me, but probably, within so let me tell you this story. So I was so excited. When I went into the office, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is gonna be awesome. It’s so easy. I watch HGTV is going to be just like that. And I think give me an office and it had a window and I was like, whoo, I made it. It’s not a corner office, but it has a window. So it’s not a cubicle, I’m doing good. And yeah, I you know, I’m very social, like I’m a social butterfly, I’ll talk to anyone. So I went around at every office, and I introduced myself and I talked to them, and I wanted to pick their brain and see how they do things. And I remember my excitement went lower and lower with every door I opened, realizing that hold on a minute, everything they are doing, or I don’t feel comfortable doing or I don’t have the budget for it. So many of them were you know, cold calling. So every day they would call call from at less than three hours a day 250 calls, maybe you know, 24 of them will answer seven of them, they get a face to face, one out of the seven will actually sign as a client. And I can not call it God like it’s so it’s against every bone in my body. It gives me the heebie jeebies. I cannot beg someone for their business, I was like, I can’t do that. So then went to the next office. And then she was like, well, we spend $4,000, our marketing budget this month. And I was like, I just want to make $4,000 Like, I don’t have $4,000 to spend. And so slowly by you know, entering every door, I was like, okay, hold on a minute, like, this is not gonna work for me. And so I figured out I also knew I’m a researcher. So anything I put my mind to, I will get to the end of YouTube and and Google to see what it’s truly about. And I realized that 80% of the agents will give up in the first two year. And I’m also very competitive by nature. So I’m no loser. Like, if I start something, I will finish it. And I will finish on the top. So I was like, okay, so I cannot be part of that statistic. So what I know what I’m not willing to do. So I’m not door knocking, I am not cold calling. I’m not spending $6,000. I’m not buying Zillow leads, I’m not doing this and that. So what am I willing to do? And so and what I can’t, what can I afford to do? And that what came down to Facebook? At that time? I was like, Okay, I start a page, which probably I was one of the first ones that had a Facebook page at the time. You know, what, eight, eight years ago? Yeah, nine years ago, something like that. Eight years. Yeah. 2011. And so that’s how I started, I just started posting everything, posting things. And I’m like, This is what I learned today. Because a lot of things that you imagine this is how you go, how it’s going to be in the real estate industry and come to find out nothing like it. So I would share things like that I would share silly things that I saw at homes and pictures of like, What the heck is this? And then people would comment, or that’s an old gas tank or oil tank from the 1800s. You know, I mean, so things like that would would keep them entertained. And it wasn’t just like, oh, this is my newest listing. This is the, you know, the open house I’m holding this weekend, it wasn’t like that. And to be honest with you, it wasn’t like that originally, right? Because I

D.J. Paris 13:29
didn’t didn’t have things to brag about.

Gogo Bethke 13:33
Exactly. So I had to post the stuff that this is what I learned this is what’s going on, this is my hustle, that kind of stuff. And it just kind of realized that that’s the that’s the stuff that gets the interaction. When I did started getting listings that I would post that it would maybe get one or two likes, never really gets a comment. Nobody really cares that you got a listing because they not on the market for a new home. They follow you because they find it exciting to see your progress in an in an industry. And so that’s pretty much what opened my eyes to what’s working and what doesn’t because you see the interaction. Yeah, I just want to pause for

D.J. Paris 14:01
a second because this is my belief. And I want to get your opinion on this. And because I have this in again, my backgrounds, I’m a marketing guy, I was in the IT field, I worked in health care I was in anyway, I couldn’t be further away from real estate. And, and when I when I got into real estate, and I started paying attention to how realtors use social media, it was mostly Hey, look at my new listing or look at my award that I’ve won. And look and that’s nice and fun. And there’s you know, nothing inherently wrong with doing that. But there’s a little part of me because you talked about hey, there were things I don’t do or I won’t do it just doesn’t fit my personality, cold calling door knocking buying leads you didn’t have the budget for but these were things that just were like, well, that’s just not me. And I always thought when I looked at realtors and it seemed to be that’s about all they posted were Hey, look at this new deal I just closed. There’s a little part of me that was turned off by that. And I don’t mean to for our listeners who do that. Like I’m not here to judge that if that works for you. Great. But there’s I, as a consumer and somebody not from this industry always thought, well, like, I don’t brag about all my awards and things for my career. So I always felt that was sort of a strange thing to do. And I don’t I wonder if it even turns people off a little bit? Possibly. I mean, again, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just, I’m just have that opinion that I’m not I don’t really love it when people brag on Facebook.

Gogo Bethke 15:24
Yeah, so I think if you don’t show the process, because I show the process of how I got there, it’s exciting because they can all celebrate with me, because they all follow the process. They follow the ups and downs of it. You know, I mean, like, I just met with somebody and they’re like, did you get that listing? Because I posted the video how one of my listings expired, my very first listing that ever expired, and it’s a hit to the ego. You know, I mean, like, I tried everything I possibly can. And I could just not sell that house, I can tell you why. So in the meantime, my husband got licensed, and he was like, Do you mind if I take a shot at it? And I was like, No, go ahead. He’s like, can you come to the appointment with me? I’m like, well, that’s kind of uncomfortable. Exactly. And my husband is like, Are you seriously going to put your ego in front of a paycheck in front of putting food on the table for your family? And I was like, You know what, you’re right. So I ended up going to appointment with him. I created a quick little video prior to that I do most of my bragging so seven worst of my life, you know, showing my life in real estate and Instagram that automatically feeds to Facebook. So it did this little video, I said, Hey, we are heading to a listing appointment. It’s kind of painful, because, you know, this listing was mine, and it expired. And now my husband’s taking a shot at it. And so this was couple of weeks ago, I’m in New York meeting with an agent who I’ve never met. First question out of his mouth was did you get the listing? And I was like, wow, like it does work. People want to read you. And if you share the process, not just like, hey, I’m the best in the industry. If you don’t, if you don’t show the process, how you got there to be the best in the industry than it is bragging. But if you show the hustle in the meantime, and you’re celebrating what

D.J. Paris 16:58
people want, and you know, study after study, and just we all know this in our heart that everyone wants to connect in the way that we connect is through vulnerability, right? And so you had the courage to say, Hey, guys, this is kind of a painful thing. I wasn’t able to sell this home, but and probably nobody ever posts about that. That is never done right. Everyone just posted their success but that’s what everybody wants. People want to connect because that’s real life, right? They want to know your actual real life.

Gogo Bethke 17:30
Yeah, yeah. And I also don’t like when all they do is negative logo. This doesn’t work out on my deal fell apart or you know what I mean? If things like that, that also doesn’t work. But if you’re just truly showing your hardship not to be negative Nancy about it, but you’re showing that hey, listen, yes, my my listing expired. But here I am, put my big girl pants on and put my ego aside, I’m back I go. I’m trying to get the listing for my husband this time. I think that just shows you that you’re human, you’re not perfect. And even though I tried my best is wasn’t good enough. And we are still plugging away at it. We’ve tried to sell that home, because at the end of the day, that’s my sellers best. That’s their need. And our job is to get me donate.

D.J. Paris 18:10
So yeah, let’s talk a little bit about social media and how you think about it. So what I don’t know if you want to start with a particular, you know, medium, like if you want to start with Instagram, or Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever, but or just your overall philosophy, but what what do brokers Miss? What are they doing wrong? Other than we just mentioned, only posting, hey, look at this great new listing. And if that’s all you do, you know, there’s more you can do. So tell us a little bit about your thoughts and how you grew your following.

Gogo Bethke 18:40
Yeah, so I originally, as I said, it started on Facebook. So I created a Facebook page, and I was a little bit more careful. I was that I wouldn’t want to say that typical realtor. But yeah, I posted my listings in my open houses. And in between I posted this and that it was more personal than more most agents make it but I still had that homes and open houses stuff. And then about four years in, I started getting to the point where most of the people who followed me on Facebook for my clients, and I was getting to the point where I needed to, can I use this word bitch beep it out if you have to. I just had to like vent a little bit and Mitch a little bit about the process because there’s the ugly side of real estate, the cutthroat side of real estate, the ones that if you don’t have thick skin, you’re never gonna make it. And so I felt like I needed to talk about that I just kind of released that because if not, it piles up and you’re gonna blow up and leave the industry. And so I wanted to release it. So I started my Instagram account. Same thing goes real estate. All platforms are Google’s real estate. That’s very, very important, by the way that all of your names are the same on every platform. We can talk about that in a minute. But so I started Instagram, just so I can vent and because I was showing the good, bad and the ugly side of being a realtor on Instagram, most of my following on Instagram automatically just became Realtors because they were the one being able or entrepreneurs I should say because there’s a lot of entrepreneurs as well, business owners that just can relate of dealing with clients and and egos and how that goes down on the day to day basis. So, um, yes, I started Instagram. And a few years later, I always had a LinkedIn. But I didn’t have a huge LinkedIn presence because I wasn’t posting very often, I just had it more. So if people Google me, then I look legit. And now I also feed everything over to Instagram, from Instagram to LinkedIn. So usually, I make my posts on Instagram. And then I choose which one goes where. So for example, let’s say if there is a selfie, or I’m on a beach, enjoying the fruits of my labor, that works perfectly fine on Instagram, but it won’t go very well on Facebook, and it really not gonna go well on LinkedIn. So you just kind of have to understand the three platforms and how they work and how they are different from one another. LinkedIn is the most professional one bathing suit photo is not going to work on their Facebook, it’s okay, but bathing suit photo, it’s kind of pushing it. And Instagram just kind of goes whatever you want to do. So you kind of feel your audience and each platform. So because I post everything from Instagram, I pick and choose of which one I’m going to send where. So sometimes I send it to all three, sometimes I like not LinkedIn material, I’m not going to push it over to return. So as soon as the more time you spend on these platforms, you realize how you fit in, and what you should and should not post on these platforms, and it will grow your audience because you are posting the stuff that they want to see.

D.J. Paris 21:23
Yeah, I mean that for all of our listeners, you should constantly be thinking just as you think about when you work with your clients, and you say, I wonder what it’s like for them to go through this home buying or home selling process. And in particular, if it’s somebody who’s buying their first property, we know how scary that is. Or at least you should know how scary it is because it’s very scary. And it’s a huge deal for any first time homebuyer and brokers always need to remember just how difficult that is for the client. And they can then you know, have empathy and compassion and actually communicate in a way to alleviate a client’s fear, right? So we all know that we’re supposed to do that. Put yourself in the client’s shoes, make sure they’re comfortable, walk them through everything. Same thing goes for social media, right? So if you know, hey, what do my Instagram followers want and need? What is my Facebook followers want need? You can start developing content based around those needs.

Gogo Bethke 22:16
Yeah, so it’s kind of it’s it’s kind of cool. Because when you create a page on these profiles, so I don’t have personal, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have personal accounts and all of these profiles, but I do not do business on personal. So everything real estate related my business life, my hustle is on Google’s real estate, which is a business page. Now when you have a business page on these platforms, it gives you what’s called the insight. So these are the numbers in the background. This is how if you want to invest, and ads or boosting, then you know where and who you need to target and what time of the day and what city because you see where your audience is. So because you see the inside, you see what they liked how many people commented, you know what to post because the proof is in the pudding. It shows you this have the biggest head so you know, I need to post more like this.

D.J. Paris 22:57
Yeah, so this is really important for everyone listening. So all social media platforms, especially with the business, like for example, I use Facebook a lot for our podcast. And every day we post links to articles that we find online that would benefit broker realtors to grow their business. And but then we were always looking at our insights and some of our stuff gets no likes at all. And I go, that’s unfortunate, because this was a really great article. Well, guess what? DJ, nobody cared. So. So as much as I think it was cool. Turns out it didn’t work very well. Okay, no big deal. Now I have that data. And sometimes when we’ll post like a little silly meme, well, that might get more traffic. Okay, well, people seem to like, you know, that sort of thing. videos get a certain certain type of reaction. So the good news is, this is all free, these tools are free, the analytics are free. And if you’re not looking at it, and it only takes a minute or so every week to really look at it. I mean, it depends how often you’re posting, but you need to know what your audience is responding to. Otherwise, you’re just throwing darts in a dark room at a dartboard? You’re not even sure where it is.

Gogo Bethke 24:00
Exactly. So I love the fact like I speak three languages so for me numbers come very quick if you if you think think about it, I still think in Hungarian translate and speak in English, there’s a you know, three second delay. When I look at numbers, I don’t have to translate numbers numbers make sense? In the same language no matter what language mind you’re looking at it numbers number. So when I look at it inside it, it’s just it’s awesome. I can understand it right away. It shows the backside of my business. It shows that if I want to throw 10 bucks at Instagram, where should I spend it, you always want the best return on your investment. So you want to spend the least amount and get the best return and insight allows you to do that allows you to see who’s following you what is their age range. Where are they located? What time of the day they look at it what they looked at, and then you know what type of people to target when you are boosting something?

D.J. Paris 24:45
Yeah, let’s talk let’s talk about Instagram. Let’s let’s focus on that because obviously it’s one of the biggest players in the social media space. realtors use it and but very few realtors use it in a way that’s really serving them. So We’ll talk a little bit about mistakes that you see Realtors make and maybe some solutions.

Gogo Bethke 25:06
So one of the biggest mistakes I mean, let’s let’s let’s dissect it. So open up your Instagram and go to your profile. Most agents don’t even say that they are a realtor. Huge mistake, because they don’t say where they are realtor, that’s even a bigger mistake. Because if I’m looking for a Brighton, Michigan realtor, I’m going to go to hashtags and I’m going to put in hashtag Brighton realtor, writer, Michigan realtor. So then everybody who ever used that hashtag is going to find me same with your Chicago realtor or Chicago real estate. I’m going to go in there, I’m going to hashtag Chicago real estate search for that hashtag and see who pops up anybody who ever used that hashtag will pop up. That’s how they’re going to find you. So if you don’t put that into your bio, if you don’t have hashtag realtor, when somebody searches for realtors, you’re not going to find you. It think of it as Google search words. If I’m going Google and I need a Chicago realtor, I’m probably going to put in Chicago realtor. And I’m going to click in the top three, that’s going to pop up same with Instagram when you hashtag that it’s your search words when somebody hashtag or searches for that word, you’re going to pop up as a result. And that’s very, very important. Also your brokerage. I work with exp so for me it’s very important for people to know that I’m with exp. So it says my name gogo Baqi, how I hold license and it says brokered by exp. And I think every agent, no matter if they’re kW, ReMax, whatever whoever they are, where they should be proud of that. And I also think it’s I don’t know if it’s the same in every state, but it is a state regulation in Michigan where you have to disclose who your brokerage is. So if you have a business page, you should have your brokerage under because in the end of the day, you work under their umbrella. So you should if you have any links, so for example, Instagram only allows you to have one link in your profile. And one link for us is never going to cut it because there’s so many different things that I do. I mean, there’s public speaking events, there is giveaways that I do there is my websites than I do. There is my blog was bootcamp than I do. I mean, my listings, my open houses, my team, you name it, if they if someone wants to plug themself into my calendar, there is access to my calendar, because Instagram only allows you to have only one link. Most people don’t even go further to figure out is there a way for me to include multiple links? Yes, there is. It’s called link tree. So it’s li n k, t or e. So you go to link tree, that platform allows you to add multiple links to one link only. So then after you created your link to go back, you plug that into your profile. Now it looks like you have one link and when somebody clicks it, it’s going to take you to the profile, take them to your profile, it’s going to show you all of the different things that you provide.

D.J. Paris 27:36
Yeah, I’m actually looking at link tree right now because I was not familiar. So guys, just Google link tree and look it up. Because this is a funny, this is really funny. So before we were speaking, before we started recording, I are actually yesterday, go go had said, Hey, what’s your guys’s Instagram, I want to take a look and see what you’re doing. And I said, we don’t have one. And I knew that she was she was so polite, because I knew she was about to say, Hey, dummy, you need to do that. And here’s what I said. I said, Well, the reason we don’t have one is because it’s really hard to link to our things. Because it only has one link, it’s in the bio, no one’s gonna see it. Yeah, you could put the link in the comments, but I don’t know that anyone’s gonna see it. And you were very quiet. And I knew you were just being polite. And I was like, I should probably ask her, there’s gotta be some solution. Yeah, and

Gogo Bethke 28:22
you can do and you can do swipe ups as well, you can create ads with with swipe up. So in order to swipe up organically without a fee, you have to have 10,000 followers. But if you create an ad, you can do a swipe up if you’re paying for the advertising. So you can always do that if you don’t have 10,000. But as soon as you have 10,000, then you can do organically a swipe up and just take them directly to this. So right now we could have taken like a call on Instagram, for example, where your face and my face is on the same screen, we could have screenshotted that and we say hey guys alive. Come see us. Here’s a swipe up listening to our podcasts and you take them directly to the site where you want them to listen in, which I did or that are already a couple of days ago for you. I just didn’t know, I just didn’t know when we’re going live. So as soon as I know the date, then I can disclose it again. And they can go and go to the direct episode. And listen.

D.J. Paris 29:10
So this is huge for us too. Because you know, and I’m somebody who I do all of the social media for our company and also for for this podcast. Well, we I have some help with that too. But this is something we’re not doing. And this is an opportunity because, you know, I didn’t even know myself How should I be using Instagram for this podcast? So this is yeah, I can I can hear you. Well, you’re already helping our listeners. So guys, what let’s just recap a few things that gogo sets, you can actually take this and start using it right. So as the first thing she said is you need to work on your bio. So go into Instagram, go into your bio, you of course want to want to use link tree to be able to link to various things, but you want to make sure your hashtags are there. And just because you don’t search by hashtags and Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, other P or LinkedIn even other people Do right so so go go. You might say, Well, gosh, you know how many people are searching for Brighton realtor? Well, I guarantee at least one person is a month and it’s probably more than that. And I guarantee that probably go goes the only person that has that in her Instagram profile.

Gogo Bethke 30:15
I mean, I got a I got a message couple of days ago with somebody from Brighton Michigan annoyed that my posts always pop up in the Brighton Michigan area. I was like, I’m gonna you know, you don’t have to look at it like you can skip it, you can unfollow me, because well, why do you always hashtag Brighton, I said, because my business is in Brighton. So if I have something going on in Brighton, I’m going to, I’m going to tag the location because I want everybody from Brighton and their mother know that I’m a realtor in the Brighton area. And if I happen to be in New York, then I’m going to tag New York because I want everybody in New York to know that I exist. And if I can help them with their social media, then they can find my existence. You know, I mean, so there’s so much power in social media. And I wish I could go through all of these, all of these tabs for you. But I’ll give you two more tips that are very, very important. That comes with your Instagram bio. So the photo, the photo has to be and I emphasize has to be the same on every platform. You can if you Google me, you will see the lady in the red dress and every single profile that I have. If and when I decide to change it, I’m going to change it on every single profile as well. The reason why I do that is because you want that brand recognition. If you close your eyes, and I say imagine Starbucks, can you imagine it? The target logo. So that’s what you want to achieve. You want people to close their eyes. And imagine that lady in the red dress, and her name is Gaga.

D.J. Paris 31:36
I will say that gogo chick has shown up already in all the communication you and I and our team has had. It is the lady in the red dress with the blonde hair. That that is you. Yeah, it’s my cross. Every

Gogo Bethke 31:52
email signature is my yard sign. It’s my Instagram profile, my LinkedIn profile, my business cards, my you name it, it’s it. And you want people to recognize and I also do recommend have this photo 30 years from now. So if you don’t look like that lady anymore, you have to change it. I also meet with agents, they look nothing.

D.J. Paris 32:10
Oh, and by the way, let’s talk about that for a moment. This is a little bit of side two from social media. But if you don’t look like your picture, because by the way, I understand the inclination to smooth out every wrinkle and to look perfect. And but if you don’t look like that, don’t use it because you want to look real, right? Because when people

Gogo Bethke 32:28
that’s the way I look at it when I run into an agent that looks nothing like themselves. It’s their high school photo. And now they’re 62. And I meet you You already lie to me. Exactly, exactly. You already lied to my face. So why would I ever take you seriously if you look nothing like that person. I’m not saying if you follow me you will say thank God for Mako of course, because you will see a lot of videos and I look here at and then you see a lot of videos when I look at. And it’s thanks to makeup, it’s really the only thing in between. So you do have to show your real side, I’m just saying Don’t show your side from 20 years ago, show your current side with or without makeup with or without bra, whatever is your daily style is just your real sight. So then they don’t feel like you already lied to them when they need to.

D.J. Paris 33:09
And we need to remember and everyone needs to remember is people don’t relate to perfection. They relate to imperfection, people connect, they connect with real when gogo made the video for us. I mean, she looks nice, she always looks nice. But she there’s I don’t know, if you’re wearing any makeup or very little makeup, you looked like a real person. And you said, guys, here’s what I think I can do to help you. Do you know how authentic and honest that was, it wasn’t a sales pitch. It was hey, I’d really love to get on your show. I think I have some value to add. And let’s do it. And it was so refreshingly honest, and not polished. But really, it was your authentic self coming through. And that’s I think one of the biggest lessons in social media is tell the real story tell the truth.

Gogo Bethke 33:53
Yeah, so when you decide to take the route of social media, you also can’t fluff numbers, you can’t, you know, make things look better. You just have to show the good, bad and the ugly, like the true side of your business, and then he never bites you in the butt. The problem is when you try to fluff something, because it makes it look better about yourself. And then the truth always comes to surface and that is just, it’s going to bite you. So don’t do that. So if you decide that you want to take the route of social media, you have to disclose right away, then you always will say

D.J. Paris 34:21
that I don’t want to go back to you posting, you know, content around not being able to sell a property and how disappointed you were in that that result. And I will tell you Look if I’m looking to hire a realtor, and obviously I want somebody who knows what they’re doing and is successful, but I love the fact that somebody would be upset and willing to share that gosh, you know, this didn’t work and I we’re not exactly sure why and I’m really upset about it or I’m sad about it.

Gogo Bethke 34:48
Can you imagine showing up at that appointment

D.J. Paris 34:51
and the appointment going

Gogo Bethke 34:55
on? My husband is pitching everything that he can bring then I couldn’t do

D.J. Paris 34:59
it again. That’s life. And that happens, right? And so instead of pretending that everything doesn’t go that everything goes perfectly which it never does, you know, people connect to the, to the real stuff. And, and look, we feel sad when our friends are sad. And when somebody’s you know, struggling in whatever way, we want to know that so we can provide support. And even though your social media followers aren’t necessarily your friends, although some of them will, can and will be, they want they want to cheer you on, and they want to know what’s really happening. So I love the fact that yeah,

Gogo Bethke 35:30
I met so many awesome people through and that’s the other thing, so many opportunities come of it. Some agents were like, well, I posted and I didn’t get a lead, when it doesn’t work like that. You know, I mean, I posted I actually did the math one time I posted I think over 37,000 times in the last eight years. And that, you know, that took me to about $45 million in production. So I broke it down to what does that and how many posts I had in this time. And then what does that mean income mean and commission. So it comes out to be about $32 a post. So the way I look at it, it’s not necessarily that you’re going to get a lead from this. From one like, I got an opportunity to go to a Tony Robbins event for free as Tony’s guests because of Instagram, I get free stuff, I get invited to events I get, you know, I get access to places and people that otherwise I would have never know of their existence, they would have never known of mine. I have people reach out to me all the time. They are in like North Carolina and like oh my gosh, I wish you were in our area, I would love for you to be my realtor, we are buying our first house or whatever the scenario may be. And I usually I’m like, I know I can be the leg on the ground. But guess what, I have an awesome team member in the area, then I would love to make the recommendation. Can I have your number and email address and I’ll introduce you guys and they usually give it to me, I introduce them and that right there is a 25% referral fee. So that’s money that you’re able to make by all you need to do is respond to someone’s message by letting them know that you’re a realtor, they reach out to you. And the next thing you know, you make the introduction and 25% of a referral fee, it ends up usually being 1500 hours or more. I mean, that’s 1500 hours that you personally didn’t have to work for all you did is made an introduction right.

D.J. Paris 37:01
Well, let’s talk about the content. So aside from we sort of joked about posting some of the hard stuff, you know that the challenges but but on a day to day basis, what do you recommend for for realtors, to what kind of content? Should they be curating and producing? And how often?

Gogo Bethke 37:21
Yeah, so for me, social media is not for everybody. So if you want to take it serious, so the way I look at it, this is my job. So when I decided that I’m not going to cold call and not going to Dornoch, I decided okay, for those three hours where the other agent is door knocking at cold calling, that’s what I need to do, I need to do social media. So then I would post I would comment on other people’s, they would respond to mine, I would create video content, things like that. So I look at it that it’s my job. This is how I’m going to feed my family and continue to have money coming in. So I take it very seriously. So if somebody wants to build it to this level, then I recommend them to look at it. And it’s their job. And definitely post stories every single day. So at least 10 stories a day, you have your cell phone with you, I never go anywhere without my cell phone. So whatever is happening, I literally just grabbed my phone and take a quick video or take a quick photo, or things like that. You can do swipe ups, you can take locations, you can take people your way, you can steal their audience, and they can steal yours, you can show the events that you’re going to so you can gain the expertise. So set in their eyes, because they can follow along of your progress posts, I usually do the actual so there’s a difference between story and feed. When you visit someone’s profile, the photos and the videos that you see on their profile that’s called their feed, that is going to be there forever. The stories are the ones when you visit someone’s profile, you click their profile photo. And those are 15 second little video snippets into their life into their daily life. So you actually get to follow along with their days. So those stories, I would recommend at least 10 a day, make it as personal as possible and add a bunch of selfies, you actually have to show who you are and talk about what you stand for and show your hustle and your ethics and all that. And then posting probably once or twice a day into your actual feed.

D.J. Paris 39:07
Yeah, and so for those of you that aren’t familiar with Instagram Stories, this is a way to tell your ongoing narrative, right? This is what’s happening to me, you know, today, and just you can just repeat that and it can be these short little snippets. I always say imperfect is better. So the lighting doesn’t have to be exact. You know, you can have the shaky camera and just get out there and tell what tell what’s going on in your life.

Gogo Bethke 39:35
Exactly. Exactly. And the stories people you showing your real sight so people get to relate. So they follow you because you’re not selling them something, you know your value because your life is interesting.

D.J. Paris 39:46
Yeah, and we should also we should also mention that that you do not live in a place if you live in a lovely area, but a very a place where there’s not it’s not a lot of what’s going on. There’s not much going on. All right, you’re not you’re not in a major city. There’s not you’re not showing this, this sort of glamorous, exciting fly by the seat of your pants life, right? You’re out in a rural area.

Gogo Bethke 40:11
Yeah. So I’m in the boonies of Michigan, we live off of a dirt road, everybody around us have at least an acre, takes 15 minutes to get to the highway. So it’s, it’s totally not that gated community fancy schmancy with chandeliers and champagnes all day long. So it’s not nothing like that. It’s, you know, like we were listing a house today, it’s $182,000, it’s pretty average for this area, nice home, two bedroom, all that. So when my husband goes out there, and for the photoshoot today, of course, he’s going to take photos and videos of that. So we let the market know that this is coming, he tags me so I can share it as well. So there’s just so much you can do with the power of social media can potentially sell it before it even hits the MLS. I mean, we get the the three day prior to he just listed period, you can also do that. I mean, this way you don’t have to buy from the Zillow is and the and the other lead generating sources, when you can become your own lead generation system.

D.J. Paris 41:03
How long should somebody? So I’ll give you an example of our podcasts because one of the questions that people will ask is, okay, so I’m posting on a regular basis to my Instagram, or Facebook, or whatever social media platform that that you find works for you. Or rather, maybe none of them are immediately working for you and you but you like one better than the other. So you commit to Instagram or Facebook. And and this is the same thing that happened to our website, or sorry, our podcast, when I first started it, I told my boss, I said, I really want to do this, I think it’s a good thing for the industry. And I won’t even mention where I work. So I don’t want people to think I’m using this as a recruiting platform, I’m legitimately just going to try to provide this value. And I hope people like it. And he said to me, Hey, that’s great. It’s a good idea, and we should do it. But you have to commit for a year, you have to do it for a year. And by the way, you know, doing couple episodes a week for a year with no listeners is not the most fun thing to do, right. But as a result now now all of a sudden, we have 100 plus episodes, we have national sponsors, we have an audience of 1000s and 1000s per episode, I never thought it would get to the level it does. And and now I’m going to obviously continue to do it. But it took at least a year before we saw any real major growth. So how do you find that that works in social media?

Gogo Bethke 42:21
Let’s see exactly the same. I mean, it takes time for people, you have to create the content. So just by creating one folder and posting it, you’re not going to have the 40,000 followers show up on as your content goes viral, and you just did something so out of the ordinary which most people don’t feel comfortable doing. So it is a progress. I mean, just like any other job to become good at it, you have to give it some time and effort. And you have to be consistent, just as you said. So yeah, try it for a year. And especially if you do a page you see your results. So when you post something you realize, hold on a minute, this didn’t work. So don’t do any more things like that, post something else and see how that works. So my butcher, what do they call it error, trial and error. You’ll figure out what works, what’s your style, or people that your people your, your crowd wants to see and listen to. And you post more of that. And eventually, I mean, it’s not like I woke up one morning and I have 40,000 followers like this is seven years in.

D.J. Paris 43:12
Yeah. And I want to I want to tell listeners a great story. And we’ll call this the myth of going viral. And this relates to something gogo said earlier about getting to attend a Tony Robbins event based on her her Instagram. And so a very similar thing happened to me. So in this, I totally forgot about this until you just said it. But it’s a great lesson for everyone. And so I went to a Tony Robbins event, I don’t know, let’s say 10 years ago. And back then I was writing a blog, and I need to get back to writing my blog. But I would a pretty successful blog, me successful meaning I had 1000s of people that read it. And I was posting almost every day, it didn’t make any money. It was more just for fun, but I had a decent following. I never figured out how to monetize it. But that’s okay. It wasn’t really trying to. But I got back from this Tony Robbins event. And I thought of a really funny thing that happened at during the event. And I’m a humor writer. So I wasn’t trying to write a motivational piece. I was just sharing this kind of interesting, funny thing that happened. So I wrote it didn’t think anything of it. Well, somehow. And of course, I promote all of my blog posts on the various social media channels. And at the time, Instagram really wasn’t a thing. So it was Facebook, LinkedIn, I had not even LinkedIn it was Facebook and Twitter. So Facebook and Twitter is where I posted it. Well, somehow it got to Tony’s people, they sent it while they said they sent it to Tony, who actually knows but somebody saw it. And then Tony Robbins tweeted it out. And I didn’t ask him to just kind of randomly happen. And what happened is he has millions of followers on Twitter, of course. And so immediately what happened is they sent me a message they said, Tony just tweeted out your story. We just wanted to say thank you. He thought it was funny or whatever. So again, who knows we actually wrote it, read it, but they sent out a tweet from his account about my story. And I thought oh my gosh, I this is amazing. And I was watching my analytics and all of a sudden with about 10 minute period 30,000 people visited my website and it safely, it didn’t crash, it almost crashed. Because when you have that kind of traffic 10 years ago, I didn’t have the bandwidth to support it. But thankfully, it didn’t crash. So all these people read my stuff. And I went, Oh, they’re going to fall in love with me. This is amazing. I now have made it, these people are going to read every word I wrote. And then here’s what happened two days later, it was back to the normal traffic, right? Because it didn’t change my life it and I realized, okay, I have to go back to the drawing board and just keep writing content. And I you know, so it’s not like gogo had this unbelievable picture or video on Instagram, and all of a sudden got 20,000 additional followers, she posted 30,000 times over eight years. And and even if you did go viral once, maybe that would have like, it happened to me, it just kind of falls away after a few days and life goes back to normal.

Gogo Bethke 45:49
Yeah, I mean, I do get when you have your insight, you see what’s you know what’s there. And in weekly basis, I reach about a quarter million people. So in a month, about a million people that I reach. So that’s a huge amount of touch. I mean, just imagine I’m nobody, I’m a little girl from Romania, Transylvania out of all places. So if I can do it, anybody can do it. But that shows you right there. If if I can reach a million people a month, imagine what everybody else can do if they just put their mind to it.

D.J. Paris 46:14
Right? But the in the secret is you have to commit to consistency, right? So like gogo said, look, make sure make sure your profiles are set up correctly, have a nice picture that looks like you and make sure it’s consistent. It’s on your website. It’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, everything is consistent and the same. Now I want to talk just real quickly about content. So aside from stories, you say, hey, a couple times a day on Instagram, you make a post? What do you recommend as far as content for realtors to sort of talk about an Instagram, which is a very visual, obviously, it’s a visual medium. So what do you sort of suggest? And what don’t you suggest?

Gogo Bethke 46:51
Well, I do a little bit of everything. So I do usually six photos and a quote. So every six posts I do is a quote usually my quotes or something I come up with about probably 75% of the time. Sometimes it’s called done, I still sometimes it’s a meme. That’s really funny, just as you said, I posted when a couple of days about a couple of days ago about an offer being sent over via fax. And I was like, listen, Susan, I can’t fax from where I live. And she goes, where do you live? Like I live in 2019 you can fax from here, but he just said listen, Susan and I just thought it was so funny. So I shared that and he got a huge I think over 12,000 views and stuff. So things like that. So every six is a quote I think codes just show who you are and shows your character and people get to relate to you and so if they if they’re quirky, just like you are you just found your own monkeys, you just found your own group of people that if you were to put in the same room, you could talk until the end of the world and nobody would be bored. So that’s why that’s why I do the quotes because I want people to get to know me and how I work and what I stand for. And then find photos so to be honest with you, the ones that you are in personally works the best so if you have a listing let’s see that comes up make sure that you are in the photo take the photo in the best part of the house let’s see is the kitchen the best part of the house then you take a photo in the best part of the house maybe you sit on the kitchen counter with your arms up in this you know in a Fest and you’re like oh my gosh I’m so excited I just got this listing is going to be listed for 430,000 is three bedroom two bath 1500 square feet located you know walking distance from downtown Dallas or wherever you’re at. So this way they actually something captured their eyes because they happy for your excitement. Most people are in the market in average every seven years for six months for a new home. So your newest listing is no excitement to them at all whatsoever if they’re not on the market for a home just like that, or they might not even be in your area. So why on earth should they follow you and your newest listing and Pinckney Michigan, you know, I mean, so you have to give you have to be in the photos and you’ll see the more you share about yourself and your success and downtimes in the real estate market, the more followers you’re going to have. So I do probably out of the six I probably do three photos of me one quote and two photos of like interior design or travel or something like that, then, you know, even though I’m a realtor, I love traveling. I mean, I work to travel so I can spend my money in other places and countries. And so that’s that’s my what is it that dangled the carrot and the end of my success rope. And so I share things that you know, excite me and whatever I stand for. So I think it’s very important for the agent to be in about a good 50 60% of it. And by

D.J. Paris 49:26
the way, you can always turn the camera on yourself to if you’re in a property that that your your listing or you just listed and there’s something really cool or unique about it. Like gogo was saying at the beginning. She would take pictures of cool things she saw in homes and say, Hey, what did does anyone know what this is? Or this is really cool. You can literally turn the camera on yourself and highlight something say guys, I just have to show you this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. And you can show that right and that again, whatever gets you excited comes through and it has to be authentic, right. It’s so so so that’s something that you can do it Every single listing, there’s something in that house that you think is already on the outside of the house, or the landscaping, that something is cool. And you really should get excited and say, Guys, I’m so excited about this listing. Let me show you the garden. I have to show this to you. And then

Gogo Bethke 50:14
yeah, when I had one of my one of my videos that went viral, it was also I don’t know, if you saw it, it was a while ago, it was talking about I got so sad, discriminated against. So we go into multiple interviewing process for a listing, and they narrow it down to me and this other guy, and then they end up calling me. So it was the grandstand and I was talking to the grandstand cause because while grandpa grandma really likes, likes you and would like to work with you, but they were wondering if you have a different business card, because your business card is a little rusty. And I was like, okay, caught me off guard for a second. And I was thinking, hold on a minute, what do what do my boobs have to do with my ability selling their home? My boobs, the fact that I’m a woman, and I have the absurd and I’ve canceled out my brain. Okay, you can have you can have both you can have booze and brain at the same time. It’s not against, you know, biology. And I was thinking for a second and I told the guy who said he listed? So since my body parts is that question here it, it really, it’s a decision making factor, and my ability of selling their home? How big is the other guys? How big is that? Since we’re talking about how big my boobs are? How big is his, and I use the D word to be honest with you. And it caught them off guard and guess who got the job? I did. Because in the end of the day, really all you’re deciding if I can sell your house, based on the fact that I have boobs? Did you did you ask him to show his his size or it’s only just my boob size that is questioning question here. So by showing what really goes down in the real estate market, and what it takes to get a listing and the discrimination and the and the thick skin that you have to have some times in order to make it, it just really shows all the other agents that they are not the only ones that are going through this because trust me, we all go through this in order to make it you go through a whole lot of I don’t even know what the right word is to use here. It’s not all roses and pink butterflies to make it in this industry. So I think if you can share all that the truth, everything that really goes down, not just the pretty bad, the ugly to it will get the other agents and the end the industry and everybody that has any interest in in real life to follow you. Because it’s interesting.

D.J. Paris 52:21
And had you not got that listing, I imagine that becomes something you content for your social media to write Had that not fall in your way if somebody decided, well, you know this, for whatever reason, they just didn’t like the way you physically presented yourself. And you know, that could happen, right? And that’s outside of your control. And somebody just goes well, I don’t like the fact that she’s you know, looks a certain way, then you can talk about that. That’s content, you can say, Hey, I just had a really unfortunate thing happened to me. And it sort of bummed me out. And here’s what’s going on. And boy, every woman on the planet would relate to that story. Right?

Gogo Bethke 52:58
Exactly. And I feel like you know, we talked about 2019. Gosh, we almost in 2020. And the fact that I’m supposed to hide my body, because that makes me look smarter. I can’t believe you’re having the conversation in the end of 2019. I’m like, Are you kidding me right now? Really like my education and brain capacity. And everything that I bring to the table now is suddenly washed away? Because I have boobs?

D.J. Paris 53:20
Yeah, it’s funny. I think a lot of people think that women who look a certain way might have it easier because they look a certain way. And the truth is, in some cases, in some ways, it’s because

Gogo Bethke 53:30
they assume that I’m because I’m blind and I have the herbs. And because sometimes they are out there. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you can follow me they’re not out there. You know, I mean, but I might have a lower cleavage or something where you can actually see that I’m a woman, God forbid, it’s not a turtleneck. You know, I mean, and I feel like in some cases, some people just assume if you’re blonde and good looking that you must be a bimbo. Like you can’t be smart, too at the same time, somehow one cancels out the other.

D.J. Paris 53:58
Yeah, and that probably forced you to work harder as well, because you had more to prove you were like, I am more than my looks. And it made it a little bit harder. And as a result, the perseverance is there. You’re like, No, I am going to make it and obviously you have and yes, you are not selling sex appeal. Right? That’s really important for the listeners to realize is this that’s not what gogo does. And it’s it’s apparent if you follow her that she doesn’t do that. But yes, of course, you know, you have to be very conscious of, you know, especially in social media, as it is gogo said at the beginning, you know, is this what audience is this for? What do they respond to,

Gogo Bethke 54:36
but I think that’s why video in my case, it’s so important because if all I did was, let’s say photos, and no video to come along with it, they may not be able to tell that I actually have a brain. You know, I mean, so if it’s just photos that you do, then you might come across as you you know, they might just assume certain things about you that it might not be true. And by doing videos and then not only see your looks but they also get an insight so they don’t only Getting the book by the cover, they actually able to read the content. And I think it’s really important if you take the social media out to show your brain, not just your looks.

D.J. Paris 55:09
Well, I think this is a good place to really talk about gogos boot camp, which by the way, everyone should be checking out Go Go’s boot camp.com. This is a social media program, it’s dozens of hours, when you factor in all of the extra freebies, it’s literally a step by step process, from A to Z, where realtors can figure out how to create, manage, and and, you know, consistently give great social media output to actually increase their fan base, and the people that follow them and eventually get more deals, and you need to have a structure, you shouldn’t just try to wing it. But here’s what I love the most about gogos bootcamp.com. And I haven’t yet got a chance to go through the program, I’m very excited myself to do it, because I need help with even our podcast getting it out there more than it is. And what I love about it is and it is you know, there’s a cost to it, just like there’s a cost to anything valuable. But here’s what I love 100% guarantee. And the reason for that is gogo is very confident that you will not need to exercise that 100% guarantee because the content is so strong. So for everyone who goes to the website and thinks, Well, you know, if I paid that, and it’s not good. Well, if it’s not good, you get your money back, but that’s not going to happen. So everyone needs to go to Go Go’s bootcamp. But can we talk a little bit about what people receive when they sign up?

Gogo Bethke 56:23
Sure, sure, absolutely. So originally started out I mean, I have clients now when I started at when he was 49 hours a series. So we started out with three series and each series got released. Originally, the very first series is about social media, they it has a ton of different videos, probably 10 different videos of explaining the basics of social and what you should and should not do, and how to use all of the features of social media. And then the second part is operation. So what it takes to work in your business, so anything from creating a CMA, what do I take the listing appointments, what are my closing gifts, everything CRM programs, how to use them, smartphone numbers, things like that. And then the last one is eventually get to a point in your career where you want to remove yourself and you want your business to function without you. And that is systems and how to when to hire an assistant how to pay an assistant how to structure that CPAs CPAs, financial advisors, anybody that legal advice, anybody that you need to run a business, because eventually it’s not just you anymore, you know, you need all of those outside third parties to make sure that the money that you make is invested properly, and you’re paying your taxes properly and not paying too much, and all that stuff. And then this assessment, you know, you realize you’re a certain way, and the people that you want to work with naturally you are drawn to the people who are just like you, if they are just like you do, you should not hire them, because that’s not who you need. The reason you need somebody is because you don’t want to do certain things or you’re not good at doing certain things. And so you have to hire somebody who’s not like you at all. So that’s where this assessment comes in. So it’s pretty much just explaining business from start to finish, how everything happens here and Google’s real estate and then how they can take their businesses to that point. And if they are already there, then maybe I can just add certain things to that. That will help them with the whole social media aspect of it. There’s so many Rockstar realtors out there that do hundreds of millions of dollars but have zero social media presence. And when it comes to the millennials soon if you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist to a millennial, they are not going to call you they don’t want to talk to you they will maybe DM you and asked you know they text you best case scenario where they will not hold the phone call with you. And if you think about it, that’s our one of our largest population that is going to buy now their first home and soon upsize and so you need to be in front of them. And then we also have what’s called the workshop. So the workshop is Margie and myself. We do what we did, I should say a 10 week series. And each is about an hour. So the whole bootcamp it’s probably over 20 hours of videos. And each week we just covered a different subject in different parts of the being realtor. And that’s the workshops I’m trying to go to the list. So the first week was branding, and pretty much how to brand yourself and you know read name recognition, brand recognition, photos, videographers, all that stuff. Second week was social media then CRM program and database management, buyer’s agent strategies, Listing Agent strategies, Open House strategies working on your business, hiring the perfect assistant how to build a team and building residual income. And so it’s pretty much each of these are an hour class that we shot in our brokerage and they get access to that.

D.J. Paris 59:30
Yeah, so guys, again, check really in all you need to do is go to Go Go’s boot camp.com Watch the videos, read the copy, read the website, read everything, see if that’s what you need, because I know I am going through it myself, because it is what and I’m not a Producing Realtor, but I’m going to use those same strategies to help promote our own business and the podcast. So it’s it’s something that no matter how proficient you think you are, here’s somebody who’s actually having tremendous SAS, and you know, gosh, I would pay a fortune for that information. And people, you know, people are, thankfully it doesn’t cost a fortune, it’s actually quite cheap. For for what you get, I mean

Gogo Bethke 1:00:11
to say it’s 497 right now and we are coming out to sometime in November. We are coming out with Google’s bootcamp 2.0. The reason why is because this class is about a year old now. And Instagram has changed their algorithm a couple of times since. So there’s a few things that I need to update. And also, because in the first time when I did it, because social media comes so easy to me, I don’t know what you don’t know. So I am explaining it at a level that might be too high for some people who are brand new to it. So the 2.0 will literally walk you through like step by step how to post an IG TV video, how to tag a person how to tag location, why, to tag that. So literally step by step I’m screen, I’m sharing my phone screen and walking you through all of the different buttons, and these platforms to make sure that you’re doing it properly. So that’s 2.0. Also another series getting added to it. It’s called the mindset series, it’s over 50 videos, I realized that a large percentage of your success is your mindset and the belief of what you believe of yourself what you’re capable of doing and what you can imagine yourself doing down the road. And so there’s a few life lessons that I learned in my life. And I want to share that with everyone because I feel like if they could learn from my life lessons, then hopefully they don’t have to learn it the hard way. And so that is going to add it to be added as well. And then when the two new series come out, then the price will go up. But everybody that purchased it in the past, if they get it at 497, then they are just automatically going to get everything added for free.

D.J. Paris 1:01:35
Or that that’s that’s wonderful. So basically guys, just to recap, if you buy it, now you’re going to get the future updates. And there’s there are a tremendous amount of updates coming a 50 videos just for attitude and mindset. The bug gogos bootcamp 2.0 videos are going to be redone with updated information about how to use the social media platforms and even at a more remedial level. If you’re like, you know, I don’t know how to tag people, I don’t really understand even the basics, she’ll have it covered. So now’s the time to get in so that you get those updates for free. Thank you great well, and by the way, I am going to try to convince gogo to come on here more often, because I think this can be a regular series on our show. So I’m gonna do my best to persuade her to do that. But we are so grateful that you took the time to even do this episode. So go go, I think this is a perfect place to talk. We went almost a full hour and there’s so much more to cover. So we’d love to have you back in the future. So everyone who’s listening, go to gogos boot camp.com Buy the program, what do you have to lose, it’s a money, there’s a money back guarantee. To me, I love things that have very few things in life of a money back guarantee. And especially when you’re paying that, you know, a sizable amount of money, which I don’t think this is sizable, but for some people it will be this is a no risk situation. So I couldn’t recommend it more. She knows her stuff, she gets results. And she’s been doing it for the last, you know, gosh, I don’t 15 years really in real estate. And now she has a team of 106 agents. Her network now is 106 agents nationwide, at her at her office and as a recruiter, I know how difficult even that is to do. So this is somebody that you want to follow because she gets things done, and she does it the right way. So go go. Thank you so much for being on our show.

Gogo Bethke 1:03:23
Thank you so much for having me. You’re awesome. And I did the math while you were talking. So the 45 million and I sold with everything that I learned on social media generate over $1.3 million in commissions. So I would spend 500 To make 1.3 If it was me. But I’m not saying they will make 1.3 I’m saying that if they implement everything, there is a very easy way to double their income of what everything they’re doing already.

D.J. Paris 1:03:47
Well guys, you just heard it here. And this is an important thing, you could legitimately Double Your Income simply by by purchasing this course. And again, you have nothing to lose, it’s a no brainer. So anyway, we’re so grateful that you came on the show. Again, thank you for spending the time that I know you don’t have that you’re willing to do just for our audience. And I love that thank you so much and we’re gonna have you on again so guys go to Go Go’s go to gogos boot camp.com and go go and I will hopefully see you in a future episode. By the way before we go, everyone follow us on Facebook and I’m going to start an Instagram account based on what I’m learning gogos boot camp, but for our Facebook for now go to facebook.com forward slash keeping it real pod, which is where every single day we post an article that we find online that we think is actionable, something you can do immediately to grow your business. Obviously we post the links to all of our episodes including this one that will be that will be coming shortly as well as all of our previous episodes and we also do a weekly one minute video which I should also put on Instagram, but I don’t for now it’s on Facebook, which is just a quick little tip are one of our producers does that and she’s wonderful. Her name In this list so guys, follow us on Facebook facebook.com forward slash keeping it real powder. Just search for keeping it real podcast. Also, you can go to our website and listen to every episode we’ve ever done, stream it live from our site, keeping it real pod.com and also a follow find us on iTunes, Google Play Anywhere you are using an app to listen to podcasts, just search for keeping a real podcast, we pop right up and subscribe. And lastly, tell a friend, that’s the best way you can support this podcast is tell more brokers, realtors agents that could benefit from hearing from people like go go about our show and really appreciate it just if you tell if everyone tells one person. Well, we’ll double our audience. So please continue to do that. And go go thank you again, and we’ll let you get back to your busy social media empire.

Gogo Bethke 1:05:46
Thank you. Thank you so much. And if I may, can you guys also follow me on Google’s real estate on all platforms?

D.J. Paris 1:05:52
Yes. So find her on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter everywhere guys, Go Go’s real estate. Just do a search for it. And we’re gonna post the links to all of that too. In on this in the description here of this podcast episodes. If you don’t know where to go, just look at the notes from the podcast episode. They’ll all be right there for you. So go go. Thank you so much.

Gogo Bethke 1:06:11
Thank you guys. Thank you have a wonderful week.

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